Lower Body Power UP Workout

This bodyweight-only, cardio-power routine was designed to work the fast-twitch muscle fibers in your lower body and burn up some major calories in the process. Power moves are meant to be explosive and quick, and may fatigue your legs quickly. Do as many reps as you can safely with good form and take breaks whenever needed.

Aim to do one full set of these moves, no more than one to two times per week for best results.

Caution: if you have any joint issues, you may want to avoid or modify some of these movements for less impact.

Warm Up:

High Knee Marches

Start standing with feet hip-width apart, and lift right knee up to chest hugging it into your body with body arms. Quickly step right foot down and lift left knee. Alternate legs 16 times.

Balance Hold

Hold the right knee up to chest with arms, and circle your right ankle four times one way, and four times the other way. Repeat with left leg.

The Workout:

Squat Jacks

Start standing with feet together, knees bent, body leaning forward and hands on top of thighs. Jump feet wider than hip width apart, keeping body in same lowered position, with hands on thighs. Jump feet back together, staying in squat hold. Repeat this eight times slowly, and then do 16 as quickly as you can.

Bounding Lunges

Begin with right leg forward in a split stance, hands at hips. Lower down into a lunge, bending both knees about 90 degrees. Push through both feet and jump off the ground as you straighten out of the lunge, trying to get in the air. Land softly through feet and finish at the bottom of lunge position. Repeat eight times on right leg and eight times on left.

Skating Leaps

Start standing with feet together, arms by sides. Bend both knees, sit back into hips and leap right foot out to the side as wide as you can, keeping body low and knees bent, sweeping both arms across your body to the right as you leap. Push off right leg and leap to the left, reversing arm sweep, as if skating. Do this 16 times, alternating legs each time.


Start with feet wider than hip width apart, and squat down into hips, reaching arms forward at shoulder level. Jump out of squat position with both feet, and push back, land on right foot only, while pulling arms in by sides, elbows bent. Jump both feet forward – landing in starting squat position and repeat with left leg. Do this 16 times, alternating landing leg each time.

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