By Jennipher Walters

Berries, salmon, walnuts...some foods are known for helping with weight loss. But molasses? That's a new one...

According to experimental results that will soon be presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB), researchers have a hunch that dietary supplementation with molasses extract may help with weight maintenance in humans. In a study done with mice, sciencists found that mice on a high-fat diet that were supplememented with molasses extract had lower body weight, reduced body fat and decreased blood levels of leptin, a hormone that is produced by fat cells than mice who consumed similar amounts of food yet did not have their diet supplemented with molasses extract.

Researchers hypothesize that molasses actually reduces calorie absorption and are now looking to see if supplementing the diet with molasses extract can help play a role in addressing the growing rates of obesity in humans. Only time will tell!

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