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Ready for a Fun Adventure?

Day 1: Ready for a fun adventure?

Hi. It's me. Renee. I'm so exited to make your acquaintance and just know we'll be fast friends. I've come to inspire you, to give you that push you've been seeking, and to hold your hand as you take a leap toward your better self. Together, we'll share, live, laugh, cry and love. These are the journeys on which I intend to take you, and hope you'll accompany me through the good times and the downright scary. You'll find me searching for my better self down paths ranging from fitness to food, wellness to whole body, focusing on experimentation and open mindedness, and hell bent on brutal honesty.  But I can't do this alone. I want you to hit reply. Forward to a friend. Join the discussion. Have a voice. I am you, we are one, and the only thing that makes me different is that I knew someone that gave me a podium. A chance to be heard, to have an opinion ... out loud. This blog represents a lifestyle ... the one I'm trying my best to live - healthy, conscious, spiritual, positive. Read along for tips, tales, tricks and tid-bits that you'll want to try for yourself, or watch on the sidelines as I warn you to not try this at home. Here is what I'll be covering.


I work to play. travelThat's really all there is to it. My life is far from average, I admit, but at this stage it's just me, myself and I working hard everyday to get by. And in the meantime, I refuse to let all of life's obstacles slow me down. Last year was the first time I stepped foot out of our domestic dome so you're tuning in at a great time to hear about all of the adventures that lie ahead. I have the list that you'll want to follow... you know the list of things to do before you kick the bucket, and of course I have lists longer than my arms of places to go, people to meet, things to do, and experiences to be had. Bookmark me to hear about some of my past travels to Mexico, Nantucket, The Grand Canyon, London, Paris and South Africa to name a few. Coming up I'll guide you through places such as Stowe, Vermont, Charleston, and my two all-time favorite cities Chicago and New York. Boredom doesn't exist here and if you aren't counting your pennies in hopes of fulfilling your next adventure or at least somewhat intrigued then I certainly am not holding up my end of the deal over here. Around the world we go.... together.


knittingIt's always scary to get out of our "routines" but in this Thursday blog I'll do my best to inspire and motivate you by providing you with another point of view. I'll always be here with a different way to look at things. Ideas on ways to take a step back, breathe in and out and give it another go. Here you'll find insight on life that your best girl friends won't be brave enough to tell you. Creativity, random thoughts and almost anything will be fair game as it relates to "trying" something new or giving the old a spin, a quick whirl and entrusting a second chance with a varying approach. I vow to provide good ole temptation for expanding your thought process as it relates to all things in life. I'll even get girlie in this column talking shop about beauty products and new fashion finds. We'll take a look at fun, helpful websites and my approach to life when the going gets tough. Whether its yoga, meditation, taking up knitting, training for a triathlon for the first time or getting back on the horse here's hoping for an open dialogue with you, my dear friend, so please don't be shy... speak up when you disagree, have something meaningful to say that others can benefit from or if you feel like just plain bitching about something you tried that didn't agree with you.


cupcakesGod I love food. And I love anyone that has anything to do with the production of beautiful things to taste, try and swallow. Follow me on Tuesday's for an explosion of culinary finds. I'll reveal everything I know, everything I think I ought to know and all of the things I'm hoping to know as it relates to food. Simply put, I'm a novice in my one-hundred-and-fifty-square-foot kitchen (no I'm not kidding about the size of it) but an expert of the palate. I'll share all there is to know about learning to cook in small spaces with limited tools, introduce you to my friends that have more to offer in terms of not going to bed hungry and provide you with some of my favorite restaurant recommendations. I'll even share ideas on what to order, and tell all of the good, bad and ugly as it relates to being an experimental foodie. This will by far be my favorite time of day... writing to you, my fellow food lovers. Tune in or tune me out, whatever is best for your stomach. I'll be here regardless with the promise of nourishing tips, tricks and tasty tid-bits.


truthAh, that little thing they call the truth. This isn't really about being honest because that's something I pride myself on being to most everyone in life, including myself, the person that it can be most difficult to shoot it straight with. This is more about revealing — or in other words, making interesting or significant information known. Don't get me wrong I don't intend to tell all in this blog, but I will follow a course of action in which you'll be showered with factual nuggets of conflict and controversy, (also known as life). What I'll share will be things that most of us can relate to and I do hope that you'll provide a voice, a sounding board for me on some of these tricky situations that we all no matter how hard we try still wind up getting ourselves into. We'll talk relationships, family - whoa's and friendship. Together we'll overcome hardships, not-so-black-and-white situations and figure out how to just possibly avoid getting ourselves in the same boat all over again — ya know, that thing they call being human.


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