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SHAPE's Sexy Summer Legs Challenge



This summer, get the legs that you've always dreamed about. This easy six-week plan will help you score trimmer thighs and a tighter tush, as well as reduce your overall body fat and build lean, calorie burning muscle. Your Challenge coach, fitness expert Jessica Smith, has designed a simple weekly program that will show you how to work your gams the right way to achieve a truly trimmer lower half, while not neglecting your upper body.

How It Works
: "Like" SHAPE magazine on Facebook to get daily updates about the Challenge, including a daily motivation tip to help power your leg workout, a daily assignment that will keep you on track and weekly question-and-answer sessions with your coach on Facebook, every Tuesday at 1 pm EST. Each week, you'll have access to a new workout that will grow progressively more challenging as you begin to see results.

The program start date is Tuesday, July 5, but you can begin at any time and follow the weekly plans at your own pace.


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