Complied on Friday, May 13th

Looking to shed a few pounds before bikini season is here? Try munching on these 25 natural appetite suppressants coupled with The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper's personal weight-loss tips. Plus, we've rounded up the most deceivingly difficult, yet effective, exercises to tone your body and the new way to calculate healthy body fat.

Munch on these foods and spices to naturally curb your appetite.

Find out the one diet rule Bob Harper refuses to follow and more of his personal tips for weight loss.

Move over BMI, BAI may be the new way to measure healthy body fat. Find out what this new measurement is and what it means for you.

These exercises look easy but they are incredibly challenging and beneficial-they tone a lot more than you think!

You are what you eat! If you want to feel frisky add these five foods into your eating repertoire. Nothing exotic (on your plate) necessary!

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