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What's the Best Advice Your Dad Has Given You?

Bernadette McAllister Hoyt

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"Always act like a lady!!" This is a picture of my 85-year-old dad sitting on his porch—the best therapy ever.

Amanda Webb

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"If you don't change your direction... you'll get where you're going."

Lydia A. Fair

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"Life is not about being the best at everything. It's about being the best at being you."

Elsie Bélanger

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"Stay true to who you are and never let any guy step on your toes because you are a woman.” This is my dad and me on my first birthday!

Karla Macy

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"If you expect others to do what YOU would do, you will be disappointed. Do your best, let other people do theirs."

Sherrie Kautman

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"Be who you want to be... don't take "grief" from anyone (he uses another "choice" word)...most things can be fixed with duct tape, staples, nails, or paint (so fix it yourself)..."

Laura Wilson Drain

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[My dad] always told me that in order to grow, I would have to step out of my comfort zone. I always think about this when making hard choices.

Melissa Halchak Bellomo

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"No matter what happens in life, you can always come home." It wasn't advice, but what he whispered in my ear during this dance 10 years ago.

Kendra M Keel

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The best advice my dad ever gave me was to "just try." Because as long as I was trying, no matter what the outcome, at least I was doing my best.

Dusty Rose

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"Its not about the destination, its about the journey. If you don't stop and enjoy things in your life, you will miss out on so much!" He's absolutely right!

Laurie Buchanan

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My dad has led through example my whole life how eating, sleeping, and exercise leads to a healthy mind and life. :) Love you dad.

Terri Patillo

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"Never grow a wishbone where your backbone should be."

Nikki Snyder

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Advice that sticks with me most? "Don't worry about what others think about you. Be the best person you can be."

Erin Blum

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"Do what you love AND put money in your 401K, no matter how little you make!!"

Angela Hiatt

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I can't count the number of times I've gone to my dad with a complaint about an ache or a pain ("My foot hurts when I do this") only to have him respond, "Well, don't do it then!" It sounds like pretty simple advice, but I have to admit that I've used this rationale to make some of life's most difficult decisions. If it doesn't make you feel good, don't do it.

Michelle Walker

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"Let the guy see you first." I had gotten ready for a date in high school and way overdid the perfume!

Christina Marie Mendoza

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"It's not about how much money you make, but what you do with the money you make that counts"

Jasmin Miller

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"Calm down and take a deep breath. Everything is not as bad as it seems." Very simple advice, but oh so helpful for my easily overexcited and dramatic self. ;)

Ashley Schwartz

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[My dad] told me to never sell myself short. And he's now thoroughly enjoying telling everyone that his daughter is going to the MLB All-Star game.

Angenette Pickett Call

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"Read everything you can get your hands on. Learn as much as possible."

Jeska Jones Crenek

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"Always be a leader, never a follower."

Claire Evans

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My sister and I have always lived by our parents' motto: "Good, better, best, never let it rest, until the good is better and the better best." Love my dad and am thankful for all he has taught me.

Victoria Arthur

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I remember my dad telling me, "It all comes out in the wash." I think of that every time I hit a rough patch in life. I figure, I might need some "stain remover," but daddy's right, it does all come out in the wash.

Paulina Filipek

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When I was a little kid, I once said to my dad: "Dad, I wish I die before you do because I can't imagine my world without you!" Twenty years later I believe I'm a little wiser, but I still love my Dad with all my heart.

Ashley Bare

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Don't accept any wooden nickels! :)

Kelly Krause

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"If you give it your all, you'll never be disappointed in the outcome because you tried your hardest." This is my Dad and me at my very first race in LA! He is my #1 supporter.

Liz Gravier

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"The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy."

Melissa McGhee

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[My dad] taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing right and "when you look in the mirror, make sure you like who's looking back at you." He's an amazing father, friend, and teacher, and I am so lucky to have him!

Kristin Daub McGuire

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"Men are like buses… you wait long enough another one comes along."

Rebecca Craig

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"You can do anything!" This was the advice my dad gave me while we trained together for the Dublin Marathon. He motivated me through 9 months of training, and you know what? He was right! I can do anything! (Except maybe BEAT him in a marathon! The guy is a MACHINE!)

Elizabeth Newkirk

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"Excuses are like butt holes. Everyone has one and they all stink." However, the best lesson my dad taught me wasn't a funny dad'ism, more just by setting a good example to be be nice to other people, try to see things from others' perspective, and to always try my hardest.

Michelle McIvor

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"Work hard, play harder!"

Erika Laber

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"You can do anything you put your mind to. If you work hard enough, you'll get what you want."

Jenna Kuzma

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"Never buy something you can't pay off by the end of the month." I have zero debt. Thanks Dad!

Jolie Brouttier

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"Life is going to throw you curve balls, but I'm not worried about you. I just hope the right fielder is ready for what you have to give her…"

Anna Collard

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"When you give with an open heart you will not be disappointed."

Olivia Almeida

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"You win or lose by the way you choose."

Dominique Matthews

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"Believe, dream, laugh.. life is so beautiful if you chose to make it that way."

San Bodeau

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"Embrace your uniqueness, fear nothing, and enjoy everything"

Lupita Mendoza

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"Follow your dreams. I'm right there behind you to get you where you need to go." My mother re-married when I was 3 years old. My stepfather stepped in as my "father" through thick and thin.

Cecilia Hendrix

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"Sometimes it's best just to shut up."

Karen Borsari

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"Smile and the whole world smiles back at you."

Crystal Tafoya

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"Shoot for the stars and give everything you do yous all." My dad raised me to be a person of integrity and to be true to myself regardless of what others think. This past weekend, I walked for my Master's degree with my dad there by my side!"

Andrea Wade

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"Don't ever give up." As a non-traditional student, I had my heart set on becoming a veterinarian. My dad encouraged me all the way, and I graduated last weekend from The Ohio State Veterinary College. Thanks, Dad!

Christina King

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During my years of softball and [my dad's] coaching, he taught me to always do my best and that there is always room for improvement. I was a fast runner, and when it came to stealing, his famous line was "just go for it." I have the confidence in myself to go for my dreams because my dad always pushed me and told me I could.

Alyn Powers

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I once asked my grandfather why he was always so quite and he told me, "You will learn more with your mouth shut than you ever will with it open." Those words have never failed me. That and "It’s only a mistake if you fail to learn from it."

Abby Lerner

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"Don't fall for 'good deals.' People go broke 'saving money.'"

Thanks to all of our Facebook fans for sharing their dad's pearls of wisdom. Happy Father's Day from SHAPE!


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