While I was visiting my sister a while back, we were laying in her bed together and chatting while her husband was out of town (something we often do but never tell. Shhhhh!). It occurred to us that our all-time No. 1 favorite place in the whole entire wide world is in our beds. We're not lazy to say the least, but one thing my sister and I have in common is that we'll come home, slip into something more comfortable and crawl into bed so that we can wind down, reflect on the day or relax before whatever event is scheduled next in our busy lives. Talking about how comforting ones' own down-filled, horizontal haven can be from the dramas that fill our lives inspired me to write about all of the ways I find an escape from the world outside of my mattress.

1. Sleeping. Of course, first things first. Sleeping is a must and a good habit to form. I'm one of those gals who can't go without it. I'd argue that a good night's sleep is better than any yoga class or jog through the park on even the brightest of days. Without eight hours of staring at the back of my eyelids, I'm no good. It's as simple as that. I'm moody, mean and malicious without my rest. Sleeping is what I do best, and I can't ever seem to get enough of my eyes being wide shut.

2. Eating. Yes, you heard me just fine. When you live in a tiny, shoe-box shaped apartment in the middle of Manhattan, your bed takes on many titles. Multi-tasking becomes a must, and eating in bed happens often. I'm not talking full-blown meals, but I am talking Buttercup cupcake parties with a glass of wine, a paper-towel wrapped peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a snack-pack cottage cheese to comfort a late night growl and of course, snacks of various assortments during movie time (I'd prefer watching a movie in bed over the couch any day).

3. Beauty prep. With just enough floor space to turn around in my old apartment, my bed automatically became a cosmetic counter as I prepped during the wee hours of the morning. Hair dryer, makeup case, hair brush, deodorant, hairspray: These are all items you would have found spread out across my white down comforter as I primped, painted, blowed and curled.

4. Communication. Whether it's a bedtime conversation with one of my many out-of-state friends via the phone, video chatting with one of my long-distance lovers over the years, typing long-winded emails, blackberry messaging, instant messaging or blogging, I can be found doing all of the above on a regular basis in my bed.

5. Working. I can't count the number of times I've finished up some of my work on one of my busier days at the office sitting hunched over at my laptop in my bed.

6. Laundry. No, no… not what you think. My bed doesn't so much double as a washer/dryer as it does play host as I sort, fold and pile all of my clothes that are ready to be laundered or have come from the fresh from the cleaners.

7. Drinking wine. I couldn't even begin to count the endless glasses of red wine consumed in my bed.

8. Sex, Foreplay, Afterplay. Let's just leave this one at that. It's a given. If it wasn't, I'd have a whole other host of issues to be blogging about.

9. Entertainment. This constitutes all things that amuse me. I lie in bed in the afternoon on a weekend and most nights either reading one of my many magazine subscriptions or a book. I have a TV/DVD positioned in perfect viewing distance from a few fluffed and tilted pillows, so I tend to consume Sex and the City reruns, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Modern Family, Entourage and hundreds of movies in my bed.

10. Thinking. I don't think I'm alone when I say that I do way too much thinking in my bed.

Signing Off Willing to Be Bedridden,


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