Be the best boss ever

Unfortunately, you haven't been given a road map for managing a team, says Caitlin Friedman, co-author of The Girl's Guide to Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch). "Insecure feelings about a leadership role may come out as an inability to set boundaries or a tendency to micromanage." Use her three tips to step gracefully into that power position.

  • Don't be everyone's buddy "Talking about your personal life is a natural way to bond, but it can undermine your credibility," she says. It's fine to share a few details about your family or your hobbies, but avoid tales of weekend antics or last night's fight with your mom.
  • Divvy up the work If you multitask in every other area of your life, you may be reluctant to push to-dos off your plate at the office. "Delegating projects to your staff helps them develop new skills and keeps you from feeling bogged down," says Friedman.
  • Tell rather than ask Male bosses give directives, while women tend to make requests, she says. Instead of asking "Would you mind...?" try "Please do..." This subtle tweak establishes you as a leader, not someone who's soliciting help or a favor.
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