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10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Channel Your Inner Mob Wife

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In 2010, Stephanie and friend Liz channeled their inner Soprano.

Go as a Group

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Celebrating at the SOHO House as a spider with a baby chick? Why not? Husband Andy Hubbard opted for a more simple Halloween spirit outfit.

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Go Celeb Crazy

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Ruhle and Hubbard paying respects as the famous celebrity then-couple, Katy Perry and Russell Brand, in 2010.

Think Throwback

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Remember this 2007 reality show Rock of Love couple? Poison frontman Brett Michaels and his winning groupie Jes Rickleff.

Rock Some Facepaint

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Best part of Halloween? Facepaint! Stephanie and her son Harrison get done up at the Victor Cruz Foundation's 2014 HalloweenLand Fundraiser.

Make it a Couple's Costume

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Ruhle and Hubbard bring the ballpark to the tennis court, pairing as a beer bottle and hot dog in 2007.

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Go Hollywood

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Ruhle and Hubbard fit the personas of the Hilton sisters, Paris and Nicky, seemingly well in 2003.

Incorporate Your Whole Crew

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Ruhle and her family dress as the perfect blend of Halloween costumes in 2013; Hubbard as a more subtle Where's Waldo, son Harrison as Thor, son Reese as Captain America, daughter Drew as a delectable strawberry, and Ruhle as the motherly witch.

Break Out Your History Book

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Ruhle and Hubbard find their sophisticated side as aristocrats in 2004.

Take to TV

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You know you love them. Ruhle and Hubbard dressed as everyone's favorite Upper East Side couple, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass from "Gossip Girl" in 2009.


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