Unlimited tampons—hooray!

By Marietta Alessi
February 22, 2016

Showering right after you exercise is extremely important for hygienic reasons (it's one of three things you need to do immediately after a workout), but it has some more glamorous perks too. Here are ten:

1. After an intense sweat session, it just feels so. damn. good.


BRB, in heaven's waterfall. After so much effort killing it during your workout, doing absolutely nothing feels ah-mazing. If you weren't so concerned about the whole pruning situation, you'd seriously soak in there forever.

2. You'll *actually* shave.


Aside from Princess Kate and Beyonce, who else has a bathroom always stocked with razors and shaving cream?

3. You'll experience how the other half cleans up with fancy body washes.


"Hmm, do I want to smell like a fancy grapefruit, or like I just bathed in a hot spring near a lavender garden?" Decisions, decisions.

4. Your body and hair will never be cleaner.


Since you're not paying for it, you don't need to be stingy with it. Thank you for the suggestion, shampoo bottle, I will rinse, lather, and repeat.

5. Your skin will be baby-bottom soft.


"I don't normally moisturize, but hey, since I'm here waiting for a blow dryer, why not show my skin some more TLC?"

6. Two words: unlimited tampons.


It's like you're at a wedding or a fancy club, but you don't need to tip anyone. "Yes, I need ALL these tampons. I have an extremely heavy flow, OK?!"

7. You'll make friends!


Not to be weird, but sharing a locker room can feel a little like an unspoken sisterhood. Ya-Ya!

8. You put more effort into your appearance.


Since you have more space and products to play with, you'll be more inclined to give yourself a little more "me" time. You may even pick up some beauty tricks from the eyeliner master next to you.

9. Space.


Let's get practical: Your bathroom at home has a shower, toilet, sink, and mirror all in one tiny, not-so-ventilated room. The gym bathroom is way more spacious and you have so much room for activities- like moisturizing the aforementioned legs or a Beyonce-level dance break (air drying at its best, amirite?).

10. You'll feel and look like Wonder Woman once you step outside of the bathroom.


"Oh hey, cute trainer! *Hair toss* Why yes, I did just beast through that workout and leave smelling like roses."