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10 Slimming Hairstyles Inspired by Celebs

Giuliana Rancic: Long & Straight

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Sometimes having a very round face can give the effect that you're heavier than you really are, but there's hope! Having long, straight hair will make round faces look slimmer, says celebrity hairstylist Angelo David of the Angelo David Salon. It not only elongates your face but also your body, he says.

Kim Raver: Frame the Face

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"Long, straight hair also creates a subtle framing of the face," David says, "which could make you appear slimmer."

Jessica Alba: Deep Side Part

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The deep side part works by minimizing the roundness of the face, David says. Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus love their long locks and the side part.

Jennifer Aniston: Oval Appearance

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"If your face appears too wide or too round, it makes you look heavier. To look slimmer, the goal is to make your face appear more oval," says celebrity hairstylist Sherri Jessee of Sherri Jessee Salon. This means the hair length should be about 1 1/2 times longer than the width.

"Notice how Jennifer Aniston wears her hair softly framing her face? She actually has a wide face," Jessee says. "But [she] has strategically placed her hair to create a more oval face shape."

Ashlee Simpson: Textured Bangs

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Steer away from heavy, blunt bangs, as they cut your face in half and will accentuate the perception of width, Jessee says. "Textured fringe and broken lines are great for making a shape appear more narrow while softening the look," she adds.

Katherine Jenkins: Lifted Crown

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This cut is a great style for a slimming effect. Note the softly swept side bangs and slight height in the crown, giving the illusion of more height, Jessee points out.

Paris Hilton: Revealing Neckline

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"Volume and length are the two key elements to a slimming hairstyle," says celebrity hairstylist Natasha Sunshine of Byu-Ti Salon. One exception to that rule: Women with an elongated neck like Paris Hilton can get a slimming effect by revealing her neckline with a bob.

Taylor Swift: Pin-Up Bob

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Afraid to go for the chop or don't want to wear your hair straight? Try Taylor Swift's retro look with a pin-up bob. "Set hair with a small curling iron using a spiral wrap on smaller individual sections. Then pin the hair under and secure with two grips or bobbies in a crisscross pattern at the nape of the head," Sunshine says.

Kyle Richards: Not Too Long

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Don't let your locks get too long, Sunshine says. "You don't want to go to extreme length or volume or you can end up with the opposite effect."

Kim Kardashian: Fresh & Clean

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