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10 Wacky Beauty Products That Work Like Magic

Color Me Applicator

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If applying foundation with your fingers leaves you looking cakey and uneven, you need a makeup sponge. The Color Me Applicator ($54; is the sponge 2.0, using sonic vibrations to "tap on" the formula—a technique used by makeup artists around the world—to get you an airbrushed effect, fast. (Find out How to Apply Makeup, According to a Makeup Artist.)

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Nix Unwanted Hair

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One ouchless way to get rid of those upper lip fuzzies: Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair ($20,, which contains stainless steel coils that gently pull out hairs by the root. And don't feel weird stashing it in your gym bag or purse—no one will have any idea what it is.

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Exfoliate Dry, Rough Feet

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Here's a grossly fascinating fact: Your feet can lodge up to 80 layers of dead skin. And like your face, a peel with lactic, glycolic, or salicylic acid is the quickest way to reveal the fresh skin underneath. Baby Foot ($25; contains them all. Just slip on the included booties and leave them on for an hour, then rinse with soap and water. Within a few days, you'll notice those dead layers of skin start to flake off, leaving even the roughest of heels smooth as a newborn's.

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Prevent Makeup Smudges

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If you've ever suffered from a case of raccoon eyes after applying a dark-colored eye shadow, you'll love E.L.F. Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield ($3; The silicon design acts like a screen between your skin and your makeup—preventing the two from ever coming into contact. (Are you guilty of one of these 5 Application Mistakes Messing Up Your Eye Makeup?)

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Spray Away Odors

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When it comes to bathroom talk, you dance around the topic like Outkast's Roses song. But when you've really gotta go and you're in a shared area—like, say, a locker room—just spritz Poo-Pourri ($10; into the toilet first. Its cocktail of essential oils creates a thin barrier along the water's surface that traps in odor, so no one will suspect a thing. 

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Soften Fine Lines

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Roloxin Lift ($110 for 10; is more like an instant facelift than a beauty product; the cream-to-powder mask contains patented technology to actually smooth your wrinkles for up to 24 hours. Consider it the DIY version of Botox.

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Create Curled Lashes

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Putting any kind of heat near your eyes sounds like a bad idea, but Japonesque's Heated Mini Lash Curler ($16; uses just a little warm air to make a big impact on pin-straight or lackluster eyelashes. Just hold the wand against your lashes for 10 seconds to give them crazy curl power.

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Zap Away Zits

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For the pimples the pop up as angry, painful undergrounders, try Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers ($8; It's a clear oil-absorbing bandage for your zits that'll shrink inflammation quick and—just like regular Band-Aids—prevent bacteria from spreading. (And use these Acne Strategies to Stop Post-Workout Breakouts.)

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Give Your Bust a Lift

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Sure, Sisley Phytobuste + Décolleté ($285; isn't exactly a boob lift, but its blend of skin-firming ingredients can give your bust a temporary boost. That's because when combined, they form an invisible film—giving the area additional support.

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Buff Away Callouses

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Avid runners know: Your feet take the brunt of exercise. But you can buff away every callous or dry heel with Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse with Diamond Crystals ($50;; the roller head contains teensy crystalized particles for a super-intense scrub.

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