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10 Workout Hair Accessories That Actually Work

The Neon-Bright Headband

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Opt for this paint-splattered headband ($18; from Junk over plain ol' black versions. Not only does it wick sweat away from your skin with ease, but it'll brighten up even your most uninspired workout wear.

Photo: Dick's Sporting Goods

The Cute, Functional Cap

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Most hats for cold-weather workouts are kinda ho-hum in terms of their eye-appeal—but we like Under Armour's "Coffee Run" beanie ($25; to cure that lack of cute. Not only will it keep you warm while running outdoors, but it will also solve any weekend hair woes. The knit look is perfect for workout-to-shopping-to-brunch Saturdays.

Photo: Under Armour

The Stretchy Ponytail Holder

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This crazy-cute, fabric-based elastic band gives your average ponytail a little extra lift. Try tying up hair with this holder ($4;, and then braiding for a fun workout look.

Photo: Scunchi

The Ribbon-Like Hair Band

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If you're not into thick headbands, Nike has you covered with this six-pack of multi-colored, multi-printed bands ($15; Not only do they hold back hair, but they also look like ribbons... ah, a nod to childhood.

Photo: Nike

The Criss-Cross Headband

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You really can't go wrong with this poppy pink, criss-cross headband from lucy ($12; The doubled design adds lends a little something extra to your basic hairband, and the color couldn't be more perfect for the spring weather ahead.

Photo: Dick's Sporting Goods

The Super-Lightweight Visor

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For those outdoor-sports geeks and tennis studs, try UA's Fly Fast Visor ($20; next time you work up a sweat. With its lightweight, four-way stretch design, you'll barely notice it's on—and it'll still keep sensitive eyes out of the sun.

Photo: Under Armour

The Inexpensive Cure-All

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We love this Goody Athletique hairband ($6; Not only does it come in fun colors and basic black, but its no-slip style will keep your strands in check whether you're running or biking, playing basketball or soccer, or getting your yoga-zen on.

Photo: Target

No-Slip Jelly Elastics

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Always dealing with less-than-stellar elastics than don't keep their shape and easily snap? Opt for these neon jelly elastics instead ($6; Not only are they built to last and keep hair in place with a no-slip design, but they're just plain fun.

Photo: Wal-Mart

The Power-Up Hair Ties

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In case you need extra motivation to get your workout in, these super-powered hair ties will give you a quick boost ($10; So tie back your strands with one of the neon shades, channel the powers of "supergirl," and hit the gym!

Photo: Under Armour

The Glamour Girl Headband

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For the glamour girl who also knows how to break a sweat, opt for this glittery, silver headband from Reebok (; $17) to keep loose strands out of your face. You may be the hardest-working woman at the gym, but you don't have to sacrifice style along the way.

Photo: Reebok


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