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11 Fingerless Gloves You'll Love

Very Versatile

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We're kind of obsessed with these Aqua Prepster Pop-Top Fingerless Long Gloves ($31.50 at because of their versatility. See that buttoned cap, they can go over your fingers when you are done fiddling with your touchscreen and need maximum warmth.

Candy Colored

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These SO Rainbow Striped Convertible Fingerless Gloves ($5 at are also versatile but at a fraction of the price with more colors to boot.

Super Set

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Fingerless gloves no longer have the connotation of "creepy cat burglar," but you can stay close to form—with a cozy twist—using the Mila Hat & Gloves Set ($58 at We love the fingerless gloves' button accents!

Budget Buy

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Like leg warmers for your forearms and wrists, this a.n.a. Long Fingerless Armwarmer ($9.60 at is also easy on the wallet.

Cozy Knits

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These de*nada Fingerless Gloves ($28 at are handmade and blend contemporary styles with ethnic elements. They're also quite cozy—perfect for braving the cold winter with touchscreen phone in hand.

Good Grip

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Sure, knits are quite cozy, but sometimes you need a good grip to handle those holiday gift bags you'll be carrying around or your iPhone. Try these Fingerless Aqua Gloves ($29 at They're also lightweight and breathable—you know, in case your palms get sweaty from time to time.

Fabulous Find

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These MICHAEL Michael Kors Jeweled Lambskin Gloves ($98 at are fingerless and fabulous. They're made for the fashion maven who likes a worth-it splurge.

Unique Accessory

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These Birch & Black Contrast Bow Fingerless Gloves ($17 at will serve more than warmth—they come as a perfect pair for accentuating your winter wardrobe. By the way, bows are so in this season!

Plain Pair

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Not picky? Just want to stay warm and have access to your mobile device? We suggest you go with the Roaman's Arm-Warmer Gloves ($12.99 at Not only do we love the price, we like that you can have your pick of four classic hues—magenta, ruby, ivory, and black.

Perfect Pattern

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If your coat and hat are solid-colored and simple, dress up your ensemble with these Black & White Herringbone Red Trim Fingerless Gloves ($18 at The houndstooth pattern and red accents will jazz up your winter wardrobe.

Wonder Warmers

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We nominate these BDG Plaid Fleece Fingerless Gloves ($14.99 at the warmest of them all because of their material alone. And the best part is, they come with an uber fun pattern that sets them apart from other fingerless finds out there.


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