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Red Carpet-Worthy Hairstyles to Rock at the Gym

Kendall Jenner: Bubble Pony

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Is your same old pony just not cutting it for your kickboxing class? This is a great twist on the old classic, says Sheenon Olson, celebrity hairstylist and creative Director for ATMA Beauty

  • Once you create the initial pony tail, take small clear rubber bands and twist them around different positions of the pony in even intervals until you have achieved enough rubber bands to create bubbles.
  • Apply a healthy amount of a volumizing product like Expanda dust so that when you pull on each section of the pony tail between the elastic bands the hair stays in the shape of a bubble. 
  • Work each section to your desired effect and finish off with a strong set hair spray.

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Julianne Hough: Top Knot

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This top knot lets you get down to business in the gym, and looks pulled together and professional for wherever you're headed post-workout. (Check out her hairstylist's Instagram for the back shot!)

  • Flip your head upside down and using a boar bristle brush comb all of your hair together onto the top of your crown.
  • Using a light brushable hairspray like L'oreal Elnett to help keep all of your flyaways in place, secure the hair tightly into an elastic. Apply the hairspray again through the rest of the pony.
  • Take the ponytail and twist it on itself wrapping it around the base of the rubber band creating tension. Secure with a few bobby pins and/or hair pins. 

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Chrissy Teigen: 3 Into 1 Braid

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Take your basic braid up about ten notches with this three-in-one version for a messy-yet-stylish look. (Check out her hairstylist's Instagram for the full back view!)

  • Separate your hair into three sections; one on each side and one in the middle.
  • Starting with any section, braid in a traditional french braid to about the shoulders and leave the rest out, securing with a rubber band. Note: The key here is to braid past the point where you’d like all 3 braids to come together.
  • Repeat step one on the other two sections.
  • Now that you have three braids, use a new rubber band to bind them all together above the point that you stopped braiding, near the nape of your neck. Unwind the braids beyond the rubber band, split all that hair into 3 sections and create a traditional braid down to the very end.


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Beyoncé: High Pony

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Fun and functional, this high pony is a way to add a little Bey into your workouts.

  • Flip your head upside down and use a boar bristle brush comb all of your hair together onto the top of your crown.
  • Using a light brushable hairspray, like L'oreal Elnett, to help keep all of your flyways in place, secure hair into an elastic(Olson recommends a bungee elastic band for extra holding power.) 
  • Once you have secured your high pony in the place that you’d like it, take a small piece of hair from the pony and wrap it around the elastic band until it cannot wrap anymore and secure with one bobby pin.
  • To recreate Beyonce's exact look, use a large barrel curling iron and curl several sections at the bottom.

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Olivia Wilde: Braided Updo

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This Game of Thrones-inspired braided updo looks just as awesome while lifting weights as it does in a gown.

  • Separate your hair at your part into two sections. Take one section and french braid it all the way down your hairline, stopping just above your ear. Continue with a regular three-strand braid and secure with an elastic. Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Sprinkle Unite Expanda Dust on your braid (note: a little goes a long way!), then tug slightly along the sides of the braid to create a deconstructed look (to your desired level).
  • Then take each braid and wrap them into a bun securing with bobby pins. 

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Amy Schumer: Side Braid

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If you haven't washed your hair today, fear not: This effortless look works best on day-old hair, Olson says. Better yet, it's meant to look messy so you can't ruin it during your intense bootcamp class.

  • Start on the opposite side that you want your braid to hang on and begin a French braid. Travel towards the other ear in a downward diagonal. 
  • Braid in a downward diagonal towards your opposite ear, finishing around the nape of the neck.  (Note: Be sure to keep your braid tight as you go, as it will loosen with time!)
  • Finish off the braid with a traditional three-strand braid.  
  • Once the braid is finished, use Expanda Dust by Unite and sprinkle into the braid. (Olson's go-to product for braids for a slightly rough, lived-in look.) 

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Kim Kardashian: Sleek Bun

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This super tight and sleek look will keep your hair out of your face while you're working out, and is sweat-friendly!

  • Beginning with slightly damp hair, liberally apply strong hairspray, such as Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray by R + CO and brush into a tight ponytail at the middle of your head. Secure with a hooked bungee or traditional bungee elastic making sure that it’s nice and tight.
  • Liberally apply a gel such as Motorcycle Flexible Gel by R + Co to the slightly damp ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band at the base of the pony. Secure with hair pins and bobby pins to ensure that it doesn’t fall. 

Lea Michele: Inverted Fishtail Pony

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At first glance, this might appear to be a basic pony, but as Lea Michele's hairstylist 'grammed, it had a special fishtail surprise in the back to make it truly red carpet-worthy. 

  • Section off part of your hair in the center of your head starting at the crown. Begin a fishtail braid, taking small sections from each side as your would a traditional French braid.
  • Braid down to the nape of the neck and secure with a rubber band. 
  • Gather the rest of your hair on the sides, bring all the hair into a low pony and secure with a second rubber band. Finally, take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic, securing with a bobby pin. 

Photo: Sarah Potempa Instagram

Alicia Vikander: Half-Up High Bun

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The uber-trendy half-up half-down bun is a great way to keep flyways out of your face during a workout, Olson says, and can easily be transitioned post-workout look with the addition of some waves or a texturizing sea salt spray, if you choose. (Check out more double-duty hairstyles that can take you from the gym to happy hour!) 

  • Section off the top portion of the hair, and create a high half pony tail. (Part in the center if you choose!)
  • Begin twisting the hair from the ponytail around itself until the tension of the twist creates what’s called a 'zulu knot'. Wrap around the base of the ponytail  and secure with bobby pins.

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