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15 Things You Think While Wearing a Sheet Mask

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You know those celeb selfies you've seen recently on Instagram? Chrissy Teigen posts them regularly. And no, they're not gearing up for Halloween (though it is coming up, yay!): They're sporting the South Korean beauty trend of sheetmasks. Packaged individually, these cotton sheaths are cut to facial approximations, then soaked in a unique skin-soothing cocktail. And now, there are sheet masks available for a slew of skin issues (think: dullness, fine lines)—meaning you can take your very own celeb-like selfie.

And after our own forays with various sheet masks (we're fans of Karuna and Dr. Jart+), we started thinking: What was going through Lady Gaga's head while she let her skin reap a sheet mask's benefits? Because if you've slathered on one of these guys before, you know the 15 minutes you're wearing it ends up being, well, pretty hilarious. At least in your own head. Especially if you've tried it on a plane too. (Guilty.)

Minute 1: Um, is this thing on?


Minute 2: I hear this helps boost ingredient absorption and hydration. And I love hydrating. Because water, right?


Minute 3: This is equally as luxurious-feeling as a pro facial. Like, one of those really expensive facials. Ugh, it would be nice to be made of money.


Minute 4: Ooooh, I should definitely take a selfie. So Insta-worthy, right?


Minute 5: I take it back—these selfies are pretty horrifying.


Minute 6: (Looking closer...) Ew. Is my face melting off?


Minute 7: Hold up—stretching. This is a great time to get in that stretching I never do after my runs. Focusing on my quads.


Minute 8: Hmmmmm. How can I scare the sh*t out of someone while I have this on? I feel like the star of a bad horror film.


Minute 9: The cat is totally scared. This is awesome. Totally fighting with her, BRB.


Minute 10: And if I do end up putting up that Instagram, will I be all like Chrissy Teigen and cool?! Obviously, right?


Minute 11: I Snapped the BF a preview and I think he's freaking out.


Minute 12: Def freaking out. So I'm just never gonna be enough? Because of this sheet mask?! We are getting into an imaginary fight because of a sheet mask. Crap.How long has this been thing on again?


Minute 13: But, ugh, patience: Remember, the skin benefits are SO. GOOD. Do I even care that I look like Hannibal Letcher to him then?


Minute 14: No. Just think like Amy. Think like Amy. Except pounds now equal sheet-mask minutes.


Minute 15: (Pulls off mask...) I am glowing and gorgeous no matter what anything one thinks because I am awesome. Thanks, sheet mask, and bye, Felisha.



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