15 Ways to Sweat-Proof Your Beauty Routine

15 Ways to Sweat-Proof Your Beauty Routine

Five seriously fit women share their tips, tricks, and favorite products for looking gorgeous during—and after—your workout

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The Spinning Master

The Spinning Master

Ruth Zukerman, Flywheel Co-Founder and Creative Director

Go-to beauty move: "To keep my hair looking good, I like to put it up in a ponytail, but not pull it through the hair tie fully—so that it forms a loop. This way it doesn't hit the sweat on the back of my neck. Tying a wide bandana around the front also helps keep frizz in check. If I don't have time to wash my hair after a class, I just take out the ponytail holder, blow-dry along the hairline, and I'm ready to go!"

Product she swears by: "I love the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Waterproof Mascara ($32; giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com). I put it on in the morning and it looks exactly the same at the end of the day, even after teaching multiple classes and taking multiple showers!"

Post-workout tip: "When I have to rush to an event post-workout, I take a good 15 minutes to de-sweat before I get into the shower. Cooling down is key, otherwise I'm sweating all over again by the time I get out."

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The Yoga Instructor

The Yoga Instructor

Heidi Kristoffer

, Yoga Instructor and Creator of CrossFlowx

Go-to beauty move: "When I'm doing yoga, I pull my hair into a bun and secure it with the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin ($3.79; goody.com). It doesn't leave any crimps, so I can take it down and go right after class."

Product she swears by: "I'm a huge fan of RMS Beauty Oil ($74; rmsbeauty.com). It really gives you a natural, dewy glow, and it's full of nutrients for the skin. I put on a tiny bit after I wake up. It makes my skin look so good that I don't even need to wear makeup to my workout."

Post-workout tip: "If I want to spruce up after exercising, I'll dab on some RMS Lip2Cheek ($36; rmsbeauty.com). The tiny pot is super portable, the colors look great on lips and cheeks, and you can apply with your fingers, no brush required."

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The Makeup Mogul

The Makeup Mogul

Wende Zomnir, Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer Urban Decay

Go-to beauty tip: "When I'm surfing, I wear Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream+ Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ for Face ($35; sephora.com). I top it with Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm ($34; ubrandecay.com) to make my skin look refined and glowing."

Product she swears by: "I wore Urban Decay Cannonball Waterproof Mascara ($20; urbandecay.com) on an eight-mile hike along the coast and up a jungle trail in Hawaii. Then I swam under a 300-foot waterfall. Mascara still intact! I've even worn it scuba diving…it doesn't move. You can also apply it over regular mascara to create a waterproof layer."

Post-workout tip: "For long-lasting lip color, I use a soft, dry toothbrush to gently slough off any dead skin on the surface of my lips. If I'm going to be exercising outdoors, I start with sunscreen first. I like one that I can use on my face and lips, like Murad Essential C-Sun Balm SPF 35 ($25; murad.com)."

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The Celebrity Trainer

The Celebrity Trainer

Kit Rich, Celebrity Pilates Trainer

Go-to beauty move: "I get sweaty throughout the day, but because of my teaching schedule I don't always have time to shower. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver. I like that it also makes my hair look sexy and tousled, which is great when I have somewhere to go afterwards."

Product she swears by: "Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus ($7; burtsbees.com) is the perfect lip balm to wear when you're working out. It really moisturizes your lips, but doesn't leave that weird white line when it starts to come off, like some other balms do. And the color gives you just a little pop without being too much."

Post-workout tip: "I apply Francesa Paige Restore Daily Moisturizer ($75; francescapaige.com) right after class. It balances my skin and helps to calm down the redness that comes with a good workout."

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The Pro Athlete

The Pro Athlete

Bree Kleintop, Professional Surfer

Go-to beauty move: "I am a firm believer that less is more when you are going to workout, and a BB cream is an easy way to keep it simple. I like Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream ($13; garnierusa.com), which also offers sun protection. Afterward, I'll apply a little bit of moisturizer to help refresh the BB cream and make my skin look glowy."

Product she swears by: "My favorite multi-tasking trick is to deep condition my hair while I'm exercising. I'll apply a leave-in treatment, then put my hair in a top knot. My favorite is Fudge Urban Miracle Ends Treatment ($9.69; target.com). Post-surf, I'll take it down and spritz on some Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray ($10.99; target.com). It gives my hair that beachy, wavy look.

Post-workout tip: "Fresh Sugar Ruby Tinted Lip Treatment ($22.50; fresh.com) is great for lips, but I also love using it to add a little color on my cheeks, too. It's perfect when I have to run somewhere right after a workout and want to look a bit more put together."

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