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2012 Fashion Trends to Keep and Toss for 2013

Keep: Peplum

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One of the most flattering trends in ages, this ruffle of fabric just above the waist does wonders on any body type. It adds polish while complementing curves, masking hips and thighs, and cinching in the waist, and is versatile to boot. “This retro trend is here to stay because it works for a dinner party, at the office, or even a hot date,” says Trend Hungry founder and blogger Jessie Holeva.

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Keep: Leather

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There are so many ways to wear this trend, every woman can find something that works for her. If a dress, top, pants, or leggings is too much, opt for leather inserts, such as elbow or shoulder patches on a sweatshirt, or a denim jacket with leather sleeves. “Adding a touch of leather makes a basic staple a fashion piece without losing comfort or convenience,” says founder Kimberly Lawson. All you need is one or two items, and you’re set to transition from season to season, adds New York City-based fashion stylist Colin T. McDonald.

Keep: Wedge Sneakers

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The quest for the perfect casual shoe is over. “Wedge sneakers have height and comfort; they’re the chicest sneak around,” Holeva says. Plus you can go cas’ with sweats or jeans, or dress them up with a maxi skirt.

Keep: Bright Blazers

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A tailored topper in an unconventional hue serves as a statement piece, bringing pizzazz to flirty dresses, tees, skinny jeans, and even eveningwear. “A hot hue like bright pink, cobalt blue, and emerald green adds personality to this work-wear staple,” Holeva says. Bonus if your jacket is double-breasted, which “injects just the right amount of sophistication” in your outfit, McDonald adds.

Keep: Emerald Anything

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Any fashionistas who added this rich green shade to their closets last year clearly knew something the rest of us didn’t, as Pantone LLC, the global authority on color, recently named emerald 2013’s color of year. “It's a very opulent color and can make any item look luxe and more expensive than it really is,” says stylist David Yi, who hosts The Stitch on Mnet. Even better, it goes with every hair color and skin tone.

Toss: Pajama-style Pants

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Time to leave this “rolled out of bed” look where it belongs—in the bedroom. “Anyone who wears this baggy style now automatically looks tired, disheveled, and lazy,” Yi says. Instead enlist in the military trend with a pair of military pants, suggests celebrity stylist Ashley Weston, who has worked with Anna Kendrick. While they may sound manly, the designs are adapted to flatter women’s bodies and some have feminine details.

Toss: Animal Sweaters

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Dogs—and cats, foxes, penguins, you name it—have had their day, says Erica Cook, owner of Trillium boutique in Chicago. If solids are too plain for you, opt for a hand-painted floral print or a classic fair isle, which always screams country-chic.

Toss: Asymmetrical Styles

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“While the one-shoulder dress or top is striking and dramatic, it’s now completely overplayed,” says style expert David Zyla. Same goes for asymmetrical hemlines in so-called “high-low” or “mullet” dresses that are longer in the back and shorter in the front, Yi adds. Try a side-wrap belt or asymmetrical necklace if you can’t give up this trend, Zyla says.

Toss: Oxblood

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It’s time to lighten up as spring approaches, Cook says. “We’re leaning more toward melons and soft pastel shades for colored jeans and pretty dresses.” For those who can’t part with oxblood, do it in an accent piece such as a bag, shoes, or a necklace for a fresh look.

Toss: Studs and Spikes

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Head to toe, this look loses its luster, Yi says, but it’s still on-point when worn in moderation. “Mix and match masculine and feminine pieces such as a lace top with some military pants, or add a texture like embroidery or suede to achieve that ‘fierce’ look,” he suggests.


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