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2016 Shape Beauty Awards: The Best Workout-Friendly Beauty Products for Your Body

2016 Shape Beauty Awards: The Best Body Products

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To see the latest and greatest, check out the best body product picks in the 2017 Shape Beauty Awards.

Loyalists may have their favorite tried-and-true gym bag products, but if you're like us, trying out a new lotion, body wash, or sunscreen often ends with a half-full bottle in the trash. Luckily, our beauty editors tested endless products to select the best of the best, so you don't have to have another drugstore dilemma. And, thanks to the help of dermatologist David Banks M.D., we can also say that these products are actually good for your skin too. So look no further. Next time you shop you'll be buying two of everything.

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Best Sunscreen: Neutrogena

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Athletes, take note: Rackets and clubs won't slip out of your hands after applying this stick SPF, plus an invisible micromesh lets your sweat evaporate while the sunscreen stays put, keeping you cool and protected.

Neutrogena CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Stick Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ ($11; drugstores)

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Best Hair Remover Silk'n Flash

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This mini device uses a pulsed light technology to disable hair growth at the root. If you put in the time and effort, then you can skip razor burn, ingrown hairs, or those "Oh, shoot, I forgot to shave" moments for good.

Silk'n Flash & Go Compact ($199;

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Best Self-Tanner: NKD SKN

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No more waiting around feeling sticky or worrying about streaks while your self-tanner does its thing. Rinse this lotion off after 10 minutes; it then develops over the next four to eight hours into a buildable glow.

NKD SKN Self Tan Pre-Shower Gradual Tan ($20;

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Best Scrub: Origins

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After a long run, step into the shower and massage your muscles with this heating salt scrub. While the thermal temp soothes soreness, pulverized vol- canic ash kills bacteria and sloughs off dead skin cells.

Origins Warm Down Warming Lava Scrub ($35;

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Best Body Wash: Caress

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The only thing we love more than this satinwood and honeysuckle scented body wash is that we get to smell it anew each time something or someone brushes up against our skin, even hours after we've showered.

Caress Enchant Forever Body Wash ($4; drugstores)

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Best Hand Cream: Tata Harper

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Farm-grown nontoxic ingredients, like aloe, bamboo, and magnolia extracts, make this therapeutic cream deeply hydrating and deliciously scented.

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Hand Cream ($48;

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Best Oil: Aveda

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We love this oil for its versaltility. Smooth a few drops of the soothing woody-floral blend onto your body or pour a bit of it into a bath (or even work some into the ends of your hair).

Aveda Love Composition Oil ($30;

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Best In-Shower Moisturizer: Eucerin

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A bottle of this should be wall-mounted in every shower in every gym in every state. It makes moisturizing so easy and so speedy—simply apply, rinse, and dry off, then get dressed and back to work—that we predict it will increase the GDP by billions.

Eucerin In-Shower Moisturizer ($13; drugstores)

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Best Lotion: Curél

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The application is novel but effortless: Just apply it post-shower to your still-wet body, towel off, and you're done. (Really!) This ceramide-stocked lotion hydrates instantly and without slipperiness, so you feel nothing but healthy skin.

Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer ($8; drugstores)

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Best Cellulite Treatment: Kayo

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When workouts and weight loss haven't made as much of a dent in the dents on our thighs as we'd like, we turn to this topical skin-toning solution. Firming ingredients plus circulation boosters, like caffeine, make bulges look better in as little as a month.

Kayo Concentrated Slimming Serum ($46;

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Photo: Kayo

Best Antiperspiran: Secret

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We tested this deodorant, made to keep you odor-free for up to 48 hours, during an especially intense heat wave. An inconspicuous sniff at the end of the day confirmed that our pits smelled like ... absolutely nothing.

Secret Outlast Xtend Invisible Solid ($4; drugstores)

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