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25 Thoughts Every Woman with Bangs Has While at the Gym

Getting bangs is a huge risk—one that almost always pays off. Some people even make the chic look their signature hairstyle (cough, Zooey Deschanel). And while styling them each and every day is a pain, nothing is more annoying than hitting the gym with your fringe flapping freely in your face. If you've ever had bangs, you've definitely experienced these 25 feelings while working out.

1. Okay, game face. Let's do this.

Bradley Cooper Game Face

2. Maybeee this time they'll cooperate and everything will be okay.

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Nodding

3. How you feel when you get to the gym:


4. The first piece of hair falls out of your pony. You wish you were this surprised every time that happened.

Surprised Hermione

5. Instead you're more like:

Happy Kanye

6. But when you're in the zone and your bangs are actually behaving...

Bowl Cut SNL

7. But then 100 percent of your hair falls in your face.

Angry Lizzie Maguire

8. And the girl next to you has long beautiful hair and her pony stays perfect for the entire duration of your class.

Scream Queens Not Fair

9. And then she takes off her ponytail holder, flips her hair, and goes about her day like nothing ever happened.

Leonardo DiCaprio Bangs

10. When your BFF fixes your headband for you. #goals

Headband Fist Bump

11. When you're frustrated, but too lazy to make fully redo your hair.

Little Mermaid Bang Toss

12. When you're halfway through your workout and you're like JUST CUT IT ALL.

Mindy Kaling Haircut

13. Instead, you think deeply about why it's taking so long for these suckers to grow out.

Blair Waldorf Eye Roll

14. And you pretend like it's all good, but you're really like JUST GET OUT OF MY FACE!

Justin Bieber Bangs

15. And you KNOW you look like this when you attempt to keep running while redoing your hair.

Tina Fey Cheering

16. Ugh, and when you forget something to keep your bangs back and you're just like whatever.

Kettlebell Broken Mirror

17. But then you realize you're almost done with your workout and your 'do is still intact.

Katniss Looking

18. Taking your headband off like...

Cameron Diaz Something About Mary

19. All day. Every day.

Sponge Bob Drying Hair

20. But you remember keeping your bangs back is just one more way to creatively accessorize your outfit.

Girl Flying

21. What it feels like when you finish a workout and your bangs don't get in your face ONCE...

Hillary Clinton Sigh

22. And once the blow dry and styling is done, you remember why you suffer through the pain.

Lego Hair Brush

23. Because you really do love your bangs.

Amy Poehler Dancing

24. They're part of the reason you look at yourself in the mirror and say:

Paul Rudd Clueless

25. Even if this is your daily existence.

Zooey Deschanel Bangs


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