3 Beauty Tricks to Help You De-stress In 10 Minutes or Less

These calming beauty products and tools will help you relax and reboot instantly

On days when you feel completely stressed out and totally overwhelmed, it would be nice to just drop what you're doing and head to a day spa. A relaxing treatment-or even just a chance to chill out in a relaxation room-can provide so many body and mind benefits. (Psst... We've got 5 Indulgent Ways to Have a Spa Day at Home.)

Luckily, you can still experience some of those benefits without the time-suck of the whole robe, slippers, soft music package. The next time you feel stressed, try one these quickie remedies (which are sped-up do-it-yourself versions of spa aromatherapy treatments, massages, and facials) and you'll feel rested and ready to reboot in a matter of minutes.

Calm Your Senses

Time: 30 seconds

Massage Origins Peace of Mind On-the-Spot Relief ($13; origins.com) into your pulse points (like your temples, inner wrists, and under your nose) to melt away stress in an instant. The mood-lifting elixir is infused with peppermint or rosemary oils, which have stimulating properties that can clear your head and boost your mental awareness. They can even relieve headaches or fatigue. (Read up on The 7 Best Scents for Your Health.)

Knead the Way

Time: 3 minutes

Try a DIY rubdown with the Earth Therapeutics Spa Body Massager ($10; earththerapeutics.net). In just a few minutes, its gentle nubs will unlock your tight spots and boost circulation so you're sore no more.

Glow On the Go

Time: 10 minutes

Find a quiet spot, then slip the vitamin C-and-licorice-infused Wei Rice Sprout Express Glow Illuminating Mask ($12; Sephora.com) out of its portable container and place on your face to instantly perk up your complexion. (Got more time? Take these 10 Steps to Your Most Heavenly Bubble Bath.)

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