Trust us, the payoff from these hairstyles is totally worth the little extra time in the morning.


Let's face it, throwing your hair up into a high bun or ponytail isn't exactly the most imaginative gym hairstyle out there. (And, depending on how thick your hair is, it's also not exactly the most secure option for anything besides low-impact yoga.) Luckily, it doesn't take too much extra time in the morning to add a French braid or boxer braids to your bun/pony situation, and it'll look like you put in a ton of effort. Better yet, you can then head straight to work (or wherever the day takes you next) without the need of dry shampoo or a blow dryer. (Your hair may still be sweaty, but you're guaranteed to get compliments.)

Even if you've never braided your hair before, you can easily become a pro with these three easy gym-to-work braided styles from YouTube beauty blogger Stephanie Nadia. (Next, try these double-duty hairstyles that you can rock while you sweat, then transition for your post-workout look with just a few quick tweaks.)

You will need: Hair ties, small rubber bands, mousse or hairspray, and a rattail comb

Center French Braid + Bun

Create a trapezoid-like part with the top reaching the crown of your head. Tie up the remaining hair to get it out of the way, then begin your French braid. Once you've reached the end of the part, use a small hair tie to secure it. Leave the rest of your hair down, or if you'd rather it be out of the way while you're working out, gather up the rest of your hair into a high top bun. For a sleek finish, smooth out your hair with mousse and a brush. (Check out more red carpet-worthy styles you can rock at the gym.)

Center Boxer Braids + High Ponytail

Create a U-shaped part with the top reaching the crown of your head. Tie the rest of your hair to move it out of the way, then split the parted hair down the middle. Create mini boxer braids on each side. When you've reached the end of your part, secure each braid with a small hair tie. Gather the rest of your hair and comb it into a sleek, high ponytail.

Crown Braid + High Ponytail

Part your hair to one side and gather the front portion of your hair coming down to your ears. Begin a sideways Dutch braid, continuing to braid past the front section until you come to the end of your hair. When you're done, bring the rest of your hair up to a high ponytail, then add your braid, wrapping the tail of the braid around the elastic of your ponytail. Smooth out any flyaways with hairspray.