Master the no-blow style

By Kelsey Castañon
June 23, 2016
Laurent Darmon/Trunk Archive

Forget frying your hair into submission-summer's most head-turning styles are low maintenance, place less stress on strands, and require zero heat to achieve.

"When you skip hot tools, even just for a season, your hair is easier to manage and looks healthier in the long run," says hairstylist Nunzio Saviano, the owner of the eponymous salon in New York City. Here's how to go unplugged for a gorgeous mane that reflects the easy, breezy vibe of summer.

Make waves

Anyone who has spent time at the beach knows that salt water is the secret to natural-looking ripples. To get the same effect without a trip to the ocean, try this trick: Right after a shower (or when your hair is a little sweaty post workout), mist damp hair from roots to tips with a salt-infused formula like Tresemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea SaltSpray ($5, drugstores).

"Lift the hair in sections as you spray to evenly distribute the product all over," says Cash Lawless, a celebrity hairstylist in New YorkCity. Then swirl your hair into two tight buns on top of your head,pin them, and let them dry. After you release the buns, tousle the hair with your fingers and you're ready to dazzle on surf or turf.

Another, even eas­ier option is to work damp hair into a loose braid before bed so you'll have waves the next day. "And if you twist the braid into a bun, the waves will look even fuller and sexier," says Jerome Lordet, the style direc­tor for Pierre MichelSalon in New York City. "Secure the bun with an elastic-free hair tie so that you don't get any creases. "Then, when you wake up and unravel the braids, spritz them with a texturizing spray like Davines Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist ($34, to give your curls a more uniform shape.

Flaunt Smooth Strands

Heat and humidity are the dynamic duo of frizz inducers. If air­ drying your hair leaves you with a lot of it, reach for a paper towel. "Drying your hair with a cotton towel causes friction, which leads to frizz," Saviano explains. "Dab strands with a super absorbent paper towel instead to gently soak up water. "Afterward, while your hair is still a little damp, rub a drop of lightweight oil like Kenra PlatinumRevive Oil ($28, in your hands, then run your fingers through the ends, working your way toward the roots. "Even just a little oil smooths the cuticle and sets it in place, preventing frizz from popping up in the first place," Lawless says.

Since baby hairs are extra ­sensitive to heat, they're usually the first to go rogue when introduced to any moisture (like workout sweat). To tame them, along with other flyaways that may crop up throughout the day, Lawless swears by men's pomade formulas, such as Dove Men+Care SculptingPaste ($6, drugstores). "Used spar­ingly, you can really smooth frizz and create a cool texture," he says.

"Dip a finger into the pot to grab a tiny bit of paste and work it into frizzy sections." A spoolie brush, like the Sonia Kashuk Core ToolsSpoolie Brush ($2,, and some strong­hold hair spray works too; just spritz the formula onto the bristles and comb it through wonky strays.

Get megavolume

Fuller hair starts in the shower. "The cleaner the hair, the more height you can achieve," Lawless says. "That's because product buildup can sit on your scalp, weighing everything down."

To keep your strands squeaky clean, wash your hair regularly and use a clarifying shampoo once a week. We like OribeThe Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo ($44,; it's sulfate ­free and therefore safe for color­ treated hair. (Related: Here's How to Dye Your Hair the Healthy Way.) Once you're out of the shower, mist your roots with a body-­boosting spray such as Schwarzkopf ProfessionalBC Excellium Plumping Spray ($23, schwarzkopf­.com) and immediately wrap your hair around Velcro rollers to lift your roots; then allow hair to air dry. "Your hair stays in whatever position it dries, so this gives you long-lasting volume without using a blow dryer," Lordet explains.

For even more body, mist roots with a dry shampoo like WellaProfessionals Eimi Dry Me DryShampoo ($19, The formula doesn't just soak up excess oil; the starch in it also bulks up your texture for a fuller look.

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