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3 Things Your Butt Is Telling You About Your Skin's Health

Listern to Your Body—Er, Booty

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You'd be surprised how much you can glean about the overall health of your skin simply by taking a peek at your bottom. (OK, so you might need to use your bathroom mirror to get a good look.) Here, three messages you shouldn't ignore.

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You Should Be Wearing Sunscreen

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Since your butt is almost always photo-protected by clothes, your skin there is smoother, tighter and has better elasticity, according to dermatologist Dr. Diane Madfes in an interview on "The Science of Us." Now, per Madfes, compare the skin there with the rest of your body (like your arms and face) and you'll immediately see the impact of the sun. Talk about a reminder to religiously apply the SPF.

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And You Should Be Exfoliating Regularly

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If your butt is feeling rough and bumpy, there's a reason—dead skin cells are probably clogging your pores. Take it as a cue to regularly scrub your entire bod (butt cheeks included) with a gentle cleanser like this one from Nivea. (If the problem persists, you can up the ante with a washcloth and sour cream.)

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You Might Need to Replace Your Workout Clothes

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If you notice a red (and occasionally itchy) rash on your rear after spin class, don't ignore it: It could be intertrigo, an inflammatory condition caused when your skin sweats--and chafes--while you work out. The culprit? Most likely those too-tight yoga pants. Apply some hydrocortisone cream to calm the rash, then shop for workout gear that wicks away moisture. Problem solved.

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