Before applying eye shadows, create a flawless base that brightens your eyes and enhances your overall look with pro tips from a makeup artist

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There's nothing better than eye-enhancing makeup that blurs imperfections, smoothes lines, and wakes up your gaze. That said, the eyes are a tricky area. Between the sensitive skin, the creases and lines, and the potential for smudging, there's a lot of room for beauty blunders.

Whether you're going for a brighter, barely-there makeup look, or want to take your eyes from basic to bold, you need to prime correctly, says celebrity makeup artist Marni Burton.

Here, she doles out simple advice for pulling off the perfect eye every time.

Opt for Concealer

Instead of priming eyes with traditional eyelid primers, Burton likes to bend the rules a bit. "I'm a fan of concealer instead of primer," she says. "It saves prep time, and a little bit goes a long way. Plus, using a concealer on your eye can always give you ideas for what will look best on you that day because it blurs imperfections." Burton uses La Mer Concealer ($70; on her clients, explaining that "it's soft and blendable," so it won't crease or smear.

Splurge On the Good Stuff


Most women have some shadows in their arsenal-and probably a few that crease and cake up around the eye area. Burton says shadows are definitely worth the splurge. "It really does depend on the product, as some eye shadows definitely age you," she says. "Especially light colors, which show the fine lines in the crease." If you love light shades and notice you're getting tons of creasing, Burton suggests trying a more expensive shadow - which she's found don't get caught in creases. "Guerlain, Armani, and NARS are all formulas that tend to not do that," she recommends.

Beat Smudges

Nothing ruins a bright-eyed look like mascara and liner smudges, especially if you have oily skin and are prone to runny makeup. Burton's fix? "The best anti-raccoon eye mascara is FIBERWIG ($19;," she gushes. "It's sold exclusively at ULTA, and it won't smear, it won't bleed, it won't smudge." Don't hurt yourself running out to get this one, ladies!

Be Smart about Darker Colors


Darkening your eyes can age you, so be smart about application. Take your gaze up a notch by priming with concealer, and then adding darker colors strategically to keep things young and fresh. "Avoid harsh lines," Burton says. "Wet your liner makeup brush, and then line your upper lash-line with black eyeshadow." Right now, Burton's new go-to is Anastasia's Artist Eye Shadow Palette ($30; "Then in the crease of your eyelid, contour and shade with a universal tan color such as Guerlain's 02 Bronzer ($53;; . Use this on the lower lash-line, as well, which will create a subtle, flattering defining smokey eye."

Burton says if you still want a deeper, darker look, you can continue to blend a black-brown shade into the outer corner of the eye, moving slowly into the crease for a dramatic, not-overdone look.