4 Steps to Beautiful Lips


It doesn't take a professional to perfect your pout. Follow these tips for irresistible lips.

1. Exfoliate

To keep the skin on your lips smooth and make lipstick glide on more evenly, regular exfoliation is key. Take a clean, dry toothbrush (not the one you use to brush your teeth) and rub a bit of Vaseline onto the bristles. Then gently brush your lips for several seconds to smooth away rough spots.

2. Condition

Unlike the skin on the rest of your face, lips lack a protective outer layer and oil glands, both of which help protect against moisture loss stemming from low temperatures and humidity levels. Be liberal with your lip balm, which should be full of moisturizing emollients like beeswax or glycerin, as well as good-for-you vitamins like antioxidants C and E. Or look for super-hydrating sheer glosses that add a touch of color, too.

3. Treat

One of the most common complaints: those annoying lip lines that develop with age and trap lipstick. Daily prevention is key and will pay off in the long run by lessening the deeper lines and wrinkles that are more difficult to rid. Since retinols are effective in the war against wrinkles, try wearing a lipstick with retinol.

4. Protect

Because lips have a minimal amount of melanin, they have no natural defense against the sun. Always apply an SPF 15 lip balm under lipstick and reapply frequently during the day. This not only prevents premature thinning and wrinkling, but it's also your best defense against skin cancer.

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