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5 Awesome Nail Art Ideas Inspired By Social Movements

Women's Rights

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Ami Vega, a nail artist in NYC, is using her talent to lend a voice to all sorts of social movements and messages, particularly when it comes to women's rights and causes—a topic that has been at the forefront of many Americans' minds since the election. Case in point: these incredible nails she painted, inspired by the Women's March in DC (and just about everywhere else) that took place only one day after President Trump was sworn in. Women all across the world took to the streets (shoes, boots, and sneakers laced up and signs held high) to stand up for women's rights.

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Photo: @amivnails/Instagram

Black Lives Matter

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New York City nail artist Mei Kawajiri created this set of nails that represent equality for marginalized groups. Did you know that repeated and systemic racism does serious damage to your mental health over time?

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Photo: @ciaomanhattan2012/Instagram

Reproductive Health

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These uterus nails let you show off your womanhood with pride, which is especially important now that Planned Parenthood and free birth control are under attack (why so many women are getting IUDs following the election).

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Photo: @ppnorcal/Instagram

Violence Against Women

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According to anti-sexual violence organization RAINN, 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime. This nail art literally and figuratively says "Stop!" to the violence against women. (Read up on these six powerful women who spoke out about domestic violence.)

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Photo: @amivnails/Instagram


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This gorgeous nail art by Jema, a nail artist in Australia, proves that #LoveWins. (Important: The gay community has an increased risk of physical and mental health issues.)

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Photo: @nailsbyjema/Instagram


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