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5 Crazy New Nail Trends

Kale-Infused Base Coats

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What happens when you combine the trendiest leaf in the lettuce aisle with nail polish? Nailkale. (Yes, you read that right.) Launched by UK-based Nails Inc., the line of base coats laced with the super green will hit salon shelves this fall. We knew fiber-rich kale was a good addition to our lunchtime salad, but our nailbeds? Something tells us it can’t hurt.

Photo: Huffington Post

Texturized Finish

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Forget nail polish’s namesake: the latest trend tosses “polish” to the curb and capitalizes on texture. The grainy, matte formula is a far cry from smooth, elegant, and barely-there pastels, but it definitely gains points in the edgy department. Its bumpy and sandpaper-like texture reminds us of diving boards and beaches. Hello, summer!

Photo: One Nail to Rule Them All

Instagram Stickers

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You know your recent Instagram photo that was hearted by everyone from your mom to your ex-boyfriend's little sister? People loved it, so take it to your nails. NailSnaps, which received over $49,000 in Kickstarter funds this spring, allows you to place your favorite filtered photo onto stickers designed to fit each of your nail beds. Once they arrive in the mail, stick them on, file them to fit, and rack up the real-life “likes.”

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Photo: Nail Snaps Facebook

Jewelry Toppers

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Fingernail accessories took on a whole new meaning when Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland (jokingly) took to Twitter to show off her new Coachella look. Adorned with mini pieces of jewelry, the bedazzled pastel polish was topped with décor that we think would be better suited for a cake topper. Luckily, she agreed and debuted toned down turquoise with gold flecks on Twitter two days later.

Photo: Le Beauty

Foil Accents

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The kitchen cabinet staple has been reimagined as nail polish. It’s shiny and glittery and when applied in tiny doses on top of a solid hue, it’s surprisingly chic. Used any more than sparingly, and it takes on a DIY-look, but not in a good way. Load it up on your baking sheet, but for your fingernails, a little bit goes a long way.

Photo: My Fashion Cents


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