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5 Cute Hairdos to Wear Under Your Winter Hat

Floppy Hat: Tousled Curls

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Subtle, understated curls will allow the hat to take center focus but still create a put-together look, says Mika Fowler, a Beverly Hills-based hairstylist who works with Olivia Munn, Emma Roberts, and Annalyne McCord. “It also diminishes the volume that is taken up from the floppy hat by not creating any bulk.” Here's her step-by-step:

1. Work about a dime-sized amount of a light serum through damp or dry hair for shine. Fowler recommends Joico's Reconstructive Color Therapy Oil.

2. Using a 1-inch curling iron, curl the hair in equal sections, stopping about halfway up since your hat will cover the top of your hair.

3. As each curl falls, lightly spritz with hairspray to keep the curl locked in without a sticky feeling.

Looks best on: rectangle faces

Fedora: Asymmetrical Styles

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Whether you wear it straight or angled, “the brim of a fedora compliments an asymmetrical hairstyle by creating interesting lines, which has slimming effects to the face,” says Meaghan Frayne, artistic development director at Manhattan’s Angelo David Salon. Tresemmé celebrity stylist John D, who styles Selena Gomez, suggests this technique.

1. Using a small-barrel curling iron, curl one-inch sections of hair, gently pulling on each strand after you release the barrel to loosen the curl.

2. Once all your hair is curled, create a deep side part and pull your hair over one shoulder.

3. Gently brush through to create smooth waves, and fasten with bobby pins at the nape of the neck to secure the style.

Looks best on: round faces

Beanie or Beret: Side-Swept Bangs

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“Both hats are great to show off long bangs and showcase your face, which looks longer in a beanie or beret,” says Andre Walker, seven-time Emmy-winning celebrity hairstylist. You don't even need bangs to pull off this look if you follow his steps.

1. If you have long bangs, sweep them to the side, using a little hair pomade so they stay put. Bangless? Part your hair down the middle.

2. Pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail, flip it up and cover it with the hat so only your bangs are visible.

Looks best on: square faces

Newsboy Cap: Faux Bob

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Since only the top of your head is covered, a newsboy is perfect to show off a real or faux bob, as the hat will draw eyes to the bottom of this short cut. John D explains how to create a faux bob that looks real.

1. Curl 1- to 2-inch sections of hair with a medium-barrel curling iron.

2. Use a rat-tail comb to create a horseshoe-shaped part that goes from one corner of the hairline (just above the arch of the eyebrow) to the next. Clip this hair up.

3. Take the rest of your hair and back-brush just enough to get the hair to “come together.” Lightly smooth any unruly frizz and spritz with hairspray to hold it.

4. Beginning at the nape of the neck, roll up sections of hair, wrapping them around two fingers to tuck under and create a faux bob. Pin into place with bobby pins and continue rolling hair up and pinning on the sides, aiming to keep the length even.

5. Once all hair is pinned, unclip the top section of hair and fine-tune the final style. (The shorter layers of your hair can hang over the bobbed length or they can be tucked and pinned as well.)

Looks best on: heart faces

Trapper Hat: Top Knot

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“These are such a fashion statement on their own that it is best to show off the hat as much as possible," Walker says. Pull your tresses up so they easily hide under the trapper and let it have all the attention with John D's tips.

1. Roughly blow-dry hair to add texture.

2. Curl 1 1/2- to 2-inch sections of hair using a 1-inch curling iron. (The idea is to create a round movement to the hair, which helps your locks wrap easily into a nice, round bun.)

3. Secure hair into a high ponytail at the crown, then backcomb the pony and twist it into a loose top knot, securing with pins (don’t worry if it’s a little messy since it’ll be hidden). Cover with your hat.

Looks best on: oval faces


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