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6 Big Fitness Moments at Fashion Week

Sneakers Reimagined

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Alexander Wang's spring collection was inspired entirely by sneakers—even though there wasn't a single athletic shoe on the runway. Instead, they were incorporated into the clothes and accessories, like these super cool clutches. (Can we get one of these?!)


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Sweat Is a New Beauty Trend

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The Cut reports that perspiration actually served as the beauty inspiration at several shows this past week, including this shot from Prabal Gurung. Further proof that if you wait long enough, you can pass anything off as high fashion (e.g., Birkenstocks and pajamas as pants).

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Gem-Encrusted Wearable Tech

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Yes, this is a gorgeous black snakeskin bracelet with pearls and lapis, but it's also a wearable computer. We're not sure it'll be able to compete with Apple Watch, but the unveiling of a tech bracelet from Intel and Opening Ceremony called MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory) has us feeling giddy.

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Photo: Opening Ceremony

Serena Williams' Presentation

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Serena Williams had her first-ever New York Fashion Week runway presentation for her Home Shopping Network collection, and both Anna Wintour (a die-hard tennis fan) and her bestie Caroline Wozniacki, whom she defeated for her U.S. Open win on Sunday, came out to watch front-row.

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Oiselle's Runway Show

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In their second year at New York Fashion week, running apparel company Oiselle swapped models for a roster made up entirely of athletes. “We wanted to show not only the diversity of our own customer base and community but also [the] notion that an athlete, a great athlete, does not come in a cookie cutter shape and size," Oiselle founder Sally Bergesen told Runner's World.

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Sports Bras as Crop Tops

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In case you were worried, it is still a thing to wear your sports bra as a crop top. Blogger Helena Bordon is one of several fashionistas spotted rocking the street style trend during fashion week.

Photo: Helena Bordon


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