Easy tips for applying lipstick and keeping it in place all day long.

1. Lined to Perfection

Start with a liner just slightly darker than your lipstick shade and outline the shape you desire (going outside your lip line slightly will make lips look fuller). Next, use the side edge of the liner tip or a lip brush to feather the color inward. Then, fill with the lighter lipstick. For that barely-there look, choose a pencil in a nearly nude shade.

2. Shade Matters

Just because a particular color is the current rage doesn't mean it will work for you. Test a new shade on your lips, not just on the back of your hand. When in doubt, go with a beige-pink color (or beige-brown color if you have darker skin).

3. Proper Application

Apply lip color with your finger. Often, when applying lipstick with a brush or straight from the tube you can deposit too much color. You'll have more control over the level of coverage when you use your fingertip to apply. When using a more-intense hue, blot off any excess color from your lips, then add a gloss to tone it down.

4. Making It Last

No lipstick is meant to stay on forever, but you can increase its longevity by "staining" your lips: Gently rub in pigment with your finger to create a base, blot, then add another layer of color. Priming your pout with lip pencil also gives lipstick a base to cling to. Freshen up fading lipstick (and simultaneously counter dryness and buildup) by smoothing lip balm over wilting lip color instead of touching up from the tube.

5. Gloss Grows Up

A far cry from the gooey concoctions of yesteryear, today's lip glosses are chic, multidimensional, and add an instant sexy glow to the face (think candlelight on demand). But one age-old trick still holds: A concentrated dab of gloss in the center of your lower lip is a foolproof path to a sexy, fuller-looking pout.

6. Smooth Moves

No lipstick looks good on chapped, dried-out lips-an increasing problem as the mercury and humidity drop- so use of moisture-preserving lip balms are a special must in winter. And don't forget sun protection. Every lipstick provides some sort of physical barrier to UV rays. Still, it's a good idea to wear a lipstick with an SPF-or wear an SPF-containing lip balm as a topcoat over your regular lipstick.

Also, try not to lick your lips. It's the worst thing to do when your lips are dry, since this actually causes evaporation of fluids. Use a hydrating lipstick or non-medicated lip balm (more emollient than those which contain potentially drying phenol and menthol) instead.