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7 Foods You Can Slap On Your Eyes to Get Rid of Your Dark Circles

Cucumber Slices

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Turns out this spa standby isn't just for show. Cucumbers are high in water content (which hydrates your delicate under-eye skin) and vitamin K to help reduce any inflammation or discoloration. Slice them up thinly and chill them in the fridge before use.

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Potato Slices

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No fresh cukes around? Try potato slices instead. They actually have a leg up on cucumbers because they stay cooler longer, which helps with puffiness.

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Or even parsley. Turns out it's really rich in vitamins C and K, which help brighten and de-puff skin. To tap into these powers, mix chopped parsley and hot water and apply under your eyes via makeup pads a couple times a week. You should notice a difference in our dark circles in just a few weeks.

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Avocado Slices or Mask

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Fact: Dark circles are sometimes caused by (and are certainly exacerbated by) dry skin. To keep the delicate area hydrated, place a slice of avocado under each eye. Or for a more heavy-duty mask, mash it up with a tablespoon of almond oil and slather on liberally. Then let it sit for ten minutes before rinsing off.

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Turmeric Mask

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It's a trendy spice for a reason. Turmeric's active ingredient curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that reduces puffiness and lightens up sallow shadows. Mix up a thick paste with some pineapple juice (for more skin-brightening vitamin C) and apply it directly to your dark circles, being careful not to get too close to your peepers. After ten minutes, wipe away residue with a warm washcloth.

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Tea Bags

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God bless caffeine. Not only does the stuff give you a much-needed morning boost, but it also shrinks blood vessels and lightens shadows when applied to your skin. After steeping yourself a cup (or five) of tea, remove the bags and let them cool in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. Then plop those babies on your lids.

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Milk Soak

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Perhaps the MVP of the bunch, milk contains lactic acid and a host of other skin-brightening, tightening and softening ingredients like protein, amino acids and antioxidants. Make a cold compress by soaking cotton balls in a cup of chilled milk. Place them under your eyes for ten minutes and rinse away any excess.

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