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7 Simple Ways to Change Your Look

Look the Part

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Which way do you sway? One of the easiest (and quickest) ways to change your look is to switch up your part. "If you always part your hair to the left, try a middle part for a more dramatic look," says Laura Boton, owner and head stylist at Sine Qua Non Salon. It's a simple change, but it can completely transform your look and bring out different features in your face that may have gone unnoticed! Opt for a middle part if you're looking for a fresh, girl-next-door look, or switch it to the side for a more high-fashion façade.

The Tuck-Up

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Always wanted to try a shorter cut but too scared to take the plunge?  Fool everyone into thinking you've chopped your locks with this pinned-back style. "This look is pulled off best when hair has a little texture in it," Boton says. Either let hair dry naturally with a little wave or curl strands with an iron to create a less obvious, blunt cut look. Then, just tuck sections of hair under, securing at the nape of the neck with a bobby pin. "The secret is to keep hair pinned relatively loosely to create the illusion of a shorter haircut."

Out with a Bang

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There's no question a great set of bangs can drastically transform your look. But don't get stuck in a bang rut!  Switch up your look by pinning bangs back to open up your face or casually swipe to the side to create a softer look.

To pin back bangs, spritz a medium hold styling spray throughout damp hair and blow dry as usual, Boton says (she loves Bumble and bumble's Styling Lotion, $24). Then, just blow dry as usual, separating hair down the middle so bangs are equal length. Tuck each section of bangs underneath your hair and secure with a bobby pin. Want a softer, more side-swept look?  "They key is to get bangs to lay flat, not flip under," Boton says. She recommends parting hair on the side and brushing bangs downward with a flat brush as you blow dry. "Point your dryer downwards and dry in the direction you want the bangs to sweep."

Trade in Your Texture

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If you’re a repeat offender of over-using your flat-iron, switch things up a bit by embracing your natural texture. Boton recommends running a texturizing crème through hair like Texture from Bumble and bumble.  ($26.00).

Tucked-Back Tresses

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One of the simplest (and quickest) ways to transform your look is to tuck hair behind your ears. Boton recommends running a styling product through hair before tucking behind ears and then finishing with a spritz of a medium hold hair spray to keep hair secured.

Sweep up Your Style

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Always wear your hair down like America’s sweetheart Jen Aniston? Freshen up your look with a swept back pony tail. “Pulling hair back opens up the face and can completely change your look,” Boton says. “The key is to avoid a parted pony—pull hair directly back to completely expose your face,” she adds.

Vamp up Your Volume

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Take hair from flat to fabulous by giving your roots a little boost before you style. Boton recommends teasing hair around the crown before styling to give your look a total transformation!


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