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7 Stylish Pieces for the Bike Commuter

The Sturdy Pencil Skirt

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No need to shy away from riding in a skirt. Look like a boss in the sleek pencil skirt at work and at the end of the day, unzip the back to reveal excess fabric for increased mobility that’s suited for pedaling. The double weave fabric and four-way stretch are strong enough to keep up as you’re pumping your legs to make that green light. ($160;

The Convertible Bag

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Backpacks are on-trend and look great on a bike but are less-than-professional during work hours. This bag delivers the best of both worlds. The versatile shape transforms from a roomy backpack into an equally roomy and professional-looking carryall for the rest of the day. Plus, it’s large enough to fit your laptop. ($185;

The Lightweight Jacket

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Even in the middle of summer’s dog days, it’s always smart to carry a light jacket. And when you can find one that looks as sharp as this, it’s the right choice for more than its utilitarian purposes. The organic cotton and recycled poly soft shell pack water resistance into a lightweight shape, and the key to your bike lock will never go missing again thanks to two snap-close pockets on the chest. ($190;

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The Reflective Dress

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We love a sheath dress for its dependable, timeless shape. This one begins with the classic Jackie O style and adds innovative cyclist-friendly details like wicking and reflective materials that’ll light up in response to headlights. During the day, the special feature hides within a subtle windowpane pattern but steps up when needed on a dark ride home. ($138;

The Stylish Helmet

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When you’re rocking a bulky helmet, it’s not doing your ride-with-style intention justice. Upgrade to a one that’s loaded with personality, like this Lenox shape from Bern. Protection reigns supreme, but who can blame us for wanting to add a little fun to necessity? It has feminine flair that’s absent from the ones made for solely functional purposes and comes in a range of colors. Buy it in a roomy fit to prevent your morning blowout from creasing. ($60;

The Airy Shoes

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Wearing a pair of stilettos on the bike looks chic but falls short in the practical department. Leave them under your desk at work if heels are required from 9 to 5. Before and after, slip into these loafers from Swims. The ventilation grills keep the air circulating while you’re pedaling and also grip firmly onto the pedals for stay-put security. ($169;

Wrinkle-Free Top

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Look just as fresh when you roll up to the office as when you leave the front door with the wrinkle and odor resistant fabric of this heathered button-up shirt. Wear it buttoned to the top with a pair of ankle-hugging pants and a statement necklace, and keep the power-packed fabric your own secret. ($98;


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