By Melissa Ivy Katz
March 11, 2014
Getty Images

For round three of your healthy living checklist, we're sharing our top beauty tips to help you reveal your most radiant self, all while shaving time off your routine. Last week we looked at ways to maintain a well-balanced diet and nourish your body on the inside. This week we will focus on the outside, starting with your skin, hair, and face. And while what you put into your body certainly shows in your complexion, cosmetics and tools don't hurt either!

From minimizing breakouts to maximizing blowouts, we sifted through all the beauty advice ever given to us by experts to come up with a one-week foolproof formula for looking younger, fresher, and more gorgeous than ever. The best part? You don't have to spend a fortune or even go to the salon for bright eyes, glowing skin, or shining hair-these seven steps can be done right at home.

To start, incorporate one beauty tip per day into your routine from the checklist below and see for yourself what a few extra minutes in front of the mirror can do. By Sunday you will begin to feel more to confident without makeup. For maximum benefits, turn these tips into lasting habits to look and feel your most beautiful for life. Click on the image below to download and print the list to keep next to your vanity for easy reference.