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8 New Fitness Inventions That Make Your Life Easier

Dear Kate's No-Underpants Yoga Pants

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Wearing undies underneath your yoga pants can turn into a bulky, bunchy mess and leave you with panty lines. Instead, go commando in Dear Kate's yoga pants. (We even had our resident yoga expert test out these pants meant for going commando.) These cute bottoms serve as workout gear and underwear in one. The reinforced crotch is made of wicking material to keep things dry and comfy, yet it's thick enough to prevent camel toe and see-through flashing.

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The Undress

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After an outdoor workout, your sports bra and shorts can get sweaty and gross. But there's usually no place to change into more comfortable gear. The Undress takes care of that: It's a modular maxi-like dress with panels and straps in the right places so you can change clothes in public without risking a nip slip—or worse.

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Training for the Apocalypse

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Running can be, well, a little boring, and that can affect your mojo. Change that with a Walking Dead-like fix from Training for the Apocalypse, an audio training program for runners that uses an apocalypse storyline to put some hustle in your step. Turning your run into an adventure will make training for that 5K a walk in the park, er, abandoned nuclear facility.

Geeked Out Fitness

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Brightly colored yet boring fitness gear is cool and all, but it may not reflect your inner geek or edgy side. Proclaim your love of both the Legend of Zelda and the leg press via Geeked Out Fitness, which offers t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, and water bottles with snappy sayings and design that only a fellow nerd will understand. Hint: "It's a secret to everybody!" (Want to know what your workout clothes are made of? 10 Fitness Fabrics, Explained.)

Photo: Geeked Out Fitness' Instagram

Fit Holster

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Arm bands for stashing your phone or iPod while you work out can be annoying and hard to reach. Now, thanks to the power of magnets The FitHolster gives you a better carrying option for your electronics by magnetically attaching the case to your shorts or workout pants.

YAY Convertible Clothing

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You have four different errands to tackle after yoga, but only so much room in your gym bag to store your street clothes. Eliminate this problem with YAY clothing a line of stylish and lightweight convertible tops, pants, skirts, and other items to cover up in or change into. Each piece can be worn at least four different ways.

Photo: YAY Convertible Clothing

Hooke 3D Headphones

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Sweaty headphones slip off, earbuds get tangled, and ear clips never work. But you can still get fit while listening to your favorite tunes or podcast with Hooke 3D wireless headphones (and these headphones may for every situation). Hooke streams your favorite music (in surround sound, no less) via bluetooth to a headset that won't fall off no matter how hard you run, jump, or ride.

Set Starter

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You haven't seen small, wearable tech until you've seen the Set Starter, a teeny interval timer you slip on your thumb. It's light enough you won't notice it during your workout, and unlike typical interval timers, it's not bulky or hard to set.


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