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8 Greek Yogurt-Infused Beauty Formulas to Buy or DIY

Beauty Benefits of Greek Yogurt

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Meet Greek yogurt, again: This protein powerhouse is now for more than feeding yourself. "Used topically, Greek yogurt can moisturize, help alleviate sunburn, beat acne and fight the signs of aging, too," says makeup artist Tomy Rivero. "In addition to being a rich source of protein and amino acids, it also contains lactic acid, which helps with hyperpigmentation and exfoliation." And thanks to Pinterest, there's been a proliferation of DIY beauty recipes that incorporate Greek yogurt; likewise, the market has been flooded with new beauty products that contain Greek yogurt as well. So whether you decide to buy something at the store or just DIY it, know that your skin is getting a ton of superfood goodness. (Psst: Start with this Greek yogurt face mask featured in 20 DIY Beauty Products to Get Pampered on Less.)

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Buy It: Korres Greek Yoghurt Face Wipes

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Wipe your slate clean with Korres Greek Yoghurt Wipes Duo ($15; Moisturizing macadamia and jojoba oils help hydrate and remove makeup; camomile calms and the protein-rich yogurt concentrate helps leave skin clean, supple and smooth.

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DIY It: Curly Hair Conditioner

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Curly hair needs extra TLC—and Greek yogurt is the cure. Whip up this deep conditioner from, which uses Greek yogurt for a hit of protein, coconut oil for its good fats, and honey for its frizz-fighting properties. If you've got fine strands, use it pre-shampoo; thicker-haired ladies should use it afterwards.

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Buy It: Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash

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Treat yourself to a little dessert in the shower with Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash ($6; Don't worry, though—this isn't the froyo that's filled with chemicals. Instead, this body wash (which literally cools you down as you shower) helps make body skin supple thanks to a hefty dose of yogurt proteins. (Use this while trying one of The Best Spa Baths for Your Body.)

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DIY It: Avocado Yogurt Face Mask

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If Sunday night face masks are your ritual, consider mixing this one up for the weekend. HomeRemediesBlogger created an ultra-hydrating mask (great for after the beach!). Avocadoes are packed with vitamins A, C and E—all antioxidants that can help fight off environmental damage. Between the avo and the yogurt, that sunburn you had? Gone.

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Buy It: Milkshake Active Yogurt Hair Mask

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If end-of-summer split ends are getting you down, perk up, pretty girl: Milkshake Active Yogurt Hair Mask ($44; is packed with yogurt's amino acid-heavy protein to mend their appearance. To get max benefits from this mask, apply before bed—or, even better, before you hit the gym: The heat emitted from your scalp will help the treatment soak in better.

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DIY It: Lemon Lavender Yogurt Soap

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Perfect to gift your mom, best friend, boss or, hey, even yourself, this bar soap from Emily's Little Homestead is far from the stuff you think of getting stuck in the shower. Instead, vibrant citrus notes are blended with lavender's relaxing properties for an absolutely delightful scent, while tons of natural oils and yogurt keep skin nourished after a wash. (If you love this soap, then you must check out these Make-Your-Own Products for Summer Beauty Bummers.)

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Buy It: Dairy Face Peppermint Face Creme

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Nothing will make you feel more energized than the scent of peppermint—and this face cream ($27; is spiked with its essential oils. Since the probiotics in the formula are live, store this beauty product in the fridge the cool temps will only add to the early-morning zing you need to get going with your day.

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DIY It: Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser

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Sometimes, it really is true: Why buy when you can DIY? This especially rings true for this three-ingredient, anti-aging face wash from HelloNatural. The high amount of lactic acid in Greek yogurt exfoliates; vitamin C from the lemon brightens skin.

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