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8 Hot Hairstyles from Our Favorite Beauty Bloggers

The Farrah Look

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People always ask Kristen Philipkoski, blogger of, how she does her hair, so she shared her no longer-top-secret technique—and it's super-easy, she says. "After washing my hair (which I only do every couple of days whenever possible), I apply mousse, then twist approximately two-inch sections into ringlets. I like to twist them back and away from my face for a kind of Farrah look," Philipkoski explains. "But you can vary the direction for more of an 'S' wave. If I have time, I let it air dry like that. If I'm in a bit of a hurry, I'll blow-dry briefly first, then apply mouse and create the ringlets, and then blow-dry each section individually just for a few seconds each. The longer you leave the ringlets in the better." Once your hair is nearly dry, just comb your fingers through to get rid of the Shirley Temple look, give it a shake, and voila!

Day-to-Night Hairstyles

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All photos co-founder Stephanie Vendetti and her sister, Adrienne, came together to change the way redheads are perceived by society. Their website offers advice on fashion, beauty, and living the redheaded lifestyle. One of Vendetti's favorite hair tutorials is transforming your hair from day to night. "We love how it makes your hair stand out and can be accomplished in seconds," she says. First, you start with a ponytail, then turn it into a braid, then a bun—easy!

Using the Banana Clip

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We forgot about the banana clip entirely when fixing up our hairdos—we thought they were old school, but thanks to Shelli Gillis of, our faith in the tried-and-true hair gadget has been restored. "[It's] a super versatile hair tool that is quick and easy to use but has been forgotten," Gillis says. "I love making a big high bun with it, it's super easy and cute."

Not Just a Basic Bun

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"The basic bun with and a hair ornament is a quick and easy hairstyle I like because it doesn't take a lot of time, it's pretty simple for anyone to do, and it goes great with all face shapes," says Roshonda Payne, blogger. Just don't forget to add a little flare with an ornament or clip you like.

Perfect Ponytails

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"You can never go wrong with the perfect ponytail," says Erika Katz of "The great thing about a ponytail is that it can be worn in so many ways and you can really dress it up to look great." We couldn't agree with Katz more. On her blog, Katz shows us the different ways you can wear your hair up—ponytails are not just for little girls anymore. You'll need some hot rollers, a teasing comb, and a ponytail holder, of course!

Heat-Free Curls

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"I've been experimenting quite a bit with new hairstyles on my blog,, especially those that let me cut down on my morning routine," says blogger Christine Mikesell. "As the mommy of a 9-month-old, my 'me' time in the morning has been cut to almost nothing so anything that lets me feel pretty and look put together is a huge bonus!" Mikesell found a method that's heat-free and works with layers—she uses socks. Watch this video to see the tutorial—it's amazing.

Beachy Waves

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Lisa Bensley of, on the other hand, doesn't mind using a curling iron. In this video, she teaches us how to use the curling iron the best way—yes, there's a best way. There's a way to properly release so you don't get that weird crimp at the end. Genius! She also recommends some products to use to help you hold the curls all day long.

An Easy Bun

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Celebrity style expert Jess Zaino of celebrated her birthday with a fabulous, easy 'do. The blogger, who gives grownups the scoop on New York City Style and Hollywood dreams, used a pony clip-on—seriously! She bought it at and used Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City as an inspiration. We love the no-fuss look, don't you? "It's super-easy even if you've got short hair," Zaino says.


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