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9 High-Tech Products to Add to Your Beauty Arsenal

See the Clean

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If you’ve ever wondered whether your fancy face wash is doing its job, you can count on Dr. Dennis Gross Color Smart Cleanser & Mask ($28; to take out the guesswork. The firming formula contains tiny beads that release the active ingredients (like brightening vitamin C and soothing green tea) as you massage it onto your face, changing the color to orange.

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Pick the Perfect Pink Lip Shade

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Not only does the vitamin E- and jojoba oil-packed Tarte LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Gloss in Energy ($19; leave lips shiny and hydrated, it also contains technology that changes color from sheer to the perfect-for-you-pink—all according your skin’s natural pH levels. (The next step is making sure your color lasts. Check out these 10 Lipsticks That Stay Put All Day.)

Photo: Tarte

Touch-Screen Blowout

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Gorgeous hair is easier than ever! EGO Professional Smart Touch Screen Hair Dryer ($198; puts a perfect blowout at your fingertips, letting you adjust the speed and temp of your airflow via the built-in touch screen monitor.

Photo: EGO

Create Curls Effortlessly

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Effortless waves are now actually effortless, thanks to the automated, motion-sensor curling iron T3 Twirl 360 ($230; The barrel knows which way to turn by just a flick of your wrist, so you can get gorgeous curls without any arm-twisting.

Photo: T3

Fix Your Undetected Skin Issues

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You know you should treat those wrinkles and sunspots when you see them crop up, but what about the skin issues you haven’t discovered yet? Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum ($59.50; is jam-packed with a laundry list of firming, soothing, brightening, and hydrating ingredients to target your specific skincare needs. (With a new season comes a whole host of new skin issues. We've got your Spring Break Skin Problems, Solved!)

Photo: Clinique

Change Up Your Lash Look

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We feel you: picking the right mascara is hard. Buxom Mascara Bar ($18; makes it easy by offering seven different wands—one for every day of the week, or when you just want a different eye look. (Mascara is the key to big, wide-awake eyes, but these 10 Beauty Tips to Make You Look Instantly More Awake help too.)

Photo: Buxom

Operate Machinery When You’re Dead Tired

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Paul Mitchell Neuro Motion Touch Activated Dryer ($185; is perfect for groggy, pre-coffee mornings. This touch-activated hot tool turns on when you pick it up and turns off when you put it down. Even better, it goes into standby mode when it’s not in use, so you’re in the clear if you forget to unplug.

Photo: Paul Mitchell

Get a Personalized Scrub

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The latest Clarisonic Smart Profile ($265; offers a completely personalized wash. Its brush-head includes a pre-programmed Radio Frequency Identification chip that sends instructions tailor-made for certain areas of your face. For example, it reduces its pressure when you start washing delicate areas, like around your eyes.

Photo: Clarisonic

DIY Hair Color

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The perfect hair color may be as easy as a click of a button, thanks to the Madison Reed At-Home coloring kit ($24.95; Use their website to color match for the exact shade you want, listen to the step-by-step instructions on your smart phone, and even live-chat with a pro colorist to help solve any color snafus. (Can't decide on a new color? Check out 10 Celebrity-Inspired Hair Color Ideas for Your Best Look.)

Photo: Madison Reed


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