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9 Lemon Beauty Recipes for a Sun-Kissed Glow

DIY Lemon Beauty Products

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Because when life gives you lemons, you don't make lemonade—you make some really good beauty products. From lemon juice-based skin masks and bath bombs to a sweet lemony lip scrub and more, these get-pretty recipes will have you looking great with just a few squeezes. So fresh, so cute! (And don't forget the other 12 Foods You Can Put in Your Hair—finally, a solution for leftover produce!)

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Healing Rosemary and Lemon Salt Scrub

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If you need to detox, look no further than this body scrub from blogger Farm & Pretty. Made with savory rosemary and zesty lemon peel, this exfoliant is great at unclogging dead skin cells, removing impurities, and helping you debloat—especially if you choose to use Epsom salts. (While you're at it, avoid the 5 Seemingly-Harmless Foods that Cause Belly Bloat.)

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Easy Blackhead Remover

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Blackheads are caused by open, clogged pores. The lemon in this DIY remover recipe from Barefoot Blonde helps tighten 'em, forcing out excess sebum and preventing new zits from forming.

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Brightening and Tightening Mask

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Get rid of dark spots with this mask recipe from The Kitchen McCabe—here, lemon juice helps to lighten any hyperpigmentation caused by acne scars, sun spots, and aging. And the egg whites tighten skin and shrink pores for a more youthful appearance.

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Lemon Bath Bombs

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Don't be surprised if you want to keep 'em after making them—these daisy-adorned bath bombs from A Pumpkin & a Princess are almost too cute to use. But the lemon essential oil helps create a vibrant, energizing scent for your next soak, so go ahead—dunk them in the tub.

Photo: A Pumpkin & a Princess

Lemon and Coconut Oil Moisturizer

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Hydrate parched summer skin with this two-ingredient lotion recipe from Delicious and DIY. Rich coconut oil moisturizes even the most sunburnt skin while lemon invigorates and cools. (Use any leftover ingredients in one of these 10 Tasty Coconut Oil Recipes—yum!)

Photo: Delicious and DIY

Lemon and Coconut Shampoo

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In this recipe from Essentially Eclectic, start with an all-natural, sulfate-free shampoo base (try this one), then use enriching coconut and brightening lemon to make the perfect shampoo for blonde girls after a day at the beach.

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Lemon and Lavender Linen Spray

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Sleep extra well tonight after whipping up this linen spray from Living Locurto. A few essential oils (and a little lemon zest if you're feeling extra frisky) and rubbing alcohol—or even vodka—help sterilize the sheets before you snooze. (Plus, try one or more of these Affordable Products for a Better Night's Sleep.)

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Lemon Lip Scrub

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Get smooth, fresh lips in minutes with this DIY scrub recipe from A Pumpkin & a Princess. Exfoliate and moisturize in one step, creating the perfect base for stains, glosses and—go for it!—that bold matte lipstick that makes your summer dress pop.

Photo: A Pumpkin & a Princess

Uplifting Eye Cream

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Energize eyes after a long weekend with this uplifting eye cream recipe from Blah Blah Magazine. It's a mix of nourishing oils combined with the scent of lemon, which has been shown to lift spirits. It also makes for an excellent fine-line eraser. (If not, one of 8 Beauty Solutions for Puffy Eyes should do the trick.)

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