Adult Acne Is Popping Up Everywhere

Post-puberty pimples are a bigger problem than every, report skincare specialists. See what's causing your zits—and zap 'em before they surface

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Embarrassing breakouts are no longer a concern you left behind in your teens: 90 percent of specialists report an increase in the number of adults seeking treatment for acne in the last year, according to a new survey by appointment-booking-site In fact, one in three people seeking treatment for acne are over the age of 35, and most of them are women, the experts reports.

We all know the biggest perpetrator for pimples is haywire hormones. But if puberty is supposed to be the height of your body chemistry going crazy, what gives? Well, for starters, your hormones are still naturally fluctuating in adulthood (hello, menopause!), in addition to how medications like birth control or steroids could mess with your balance. (You should probably read the Top 5 Women's Hormones Questions, Answered.) It's this fact, plus stress, a poor diet, and air pollution that the skin specialists point to as the cause of the unsightly skin condition. (Find out more in What Causes Adult Acne?)

While it's no secret that people still get zits past the age of 18, most of us are still embarrassed by what is truthfully a universal problem. Even celebrities like Naya Rivera, Cameron Diaz, Katy Perry, and Alicia Keys admit to having struggled with unwanted acne in adulthood.

If you're prey to pimples, it's time to address the issue (white)head on. Turns out, where you break out may be a clue as to what's causing it. (Find out How to Get Rid of Acne with Face Mapping.) Plus, you should avoid The 6 Worst Foods for Your Skin and stock up on The Best Foods for Healthy Skin. As for treating those pesky spots, we've got a pretty comprehensive guide on How Get Rid of Stubborn Acne-for Good. Follow these tips and you can ditch the heavy-duty concealer once and for all.

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