It has 10 pieces and close to 3,000 reviews on Amazon.

By Kristin Granero
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Credit: Amazon

Amazon is a trove of beauty treasures—from the multitasking oil with 6,000 reviews to the most sought after waterproof mascara to the perfect sunscreen—just waiting to be uncovered.

It's also a prime destination for bargain hunters ($19 swimsuit, anyone?). Just when we thought it couldn't get any better than $1 Beautyblender dupes, we came across a 10-piece makeup brush set that has been gaining momentum on Amazon for its striking similarity in look and function to the cult-favorite high-end brush collection from Artis valued at a whopping $483. (Buy It, $370,

The Amazon set (made by Yoseng) features long, ergonomic handles designed to fit perfectly in your hand, along with soft, cushion-like bristles "made of premium cruelty-free synthetic hair fibers" for providing that same streak-free airbrush effect that Artis consumers have come to know, love, and splurge on. (Related: This $22 Seaweed Night Cream Is the Affordable La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream Copycat)

The set appears to offer a range of brush sizes—from big foundation and blush to lip and eye shadow—comparable to the more expensive Artis set, but with a pretty rose gold finish and for just $1.50 a pop. Seriously.

Reviewers have hailed the 'very sturdy' and 'easy-to-clean' brushes for their ability to deliver a 'smooth,' 'flawless' finish whether using them to apply powder or liquid products.

If you've been dying to get your hands on Artis' makeup brushes but haven't been able to justify the high price tag, this dupe could be the answer to your makeup brush prayers. Want to see how it compares for yourself? Scoop up the 10-piece brush set for $15 on Amazon now.