It can safely be used on your lips, elbows, cuticles, knees, and more.
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Alicia Keys famously started her makeup-free journey in 2016. Since swapping heavy foundations for an all-natural glow, the Grammy Award-winner has made dewy skin a *key* part of her signature look. Needless to say, the A-lister's extensive skin-care routine—which she shared in a Youtube video earlier this year—isn't all that surprising.

In fact, the only real shocker about Keys' nightly routine was the super affordable price tag of her go-to lip treatment, Smith's Rosebud Salve (Buy It, $7, The "Girl on Fire" singer revealed she's been using the balm "for a long time" to prevent dry, chapped lips, and that it actually "feels good" when applied. (Related: Our Favorite No-Makeup Celebrity Selfies)

But what makes this clean beauty staple so special that it has earned Keys' stamp of approval and more than 1,200 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon? First off, it's made with just four ingredients: surgical-grade petrolatum, cottonseed oil, essential oils, and botanicals. Together they create a moisturizing formula that's not just super effective on lips, but also other body parts that can get dehydrated, like your elbows, knees, and cuticles. (Want more Alicia Keys? Discover the skin elixir behind her Grammy's glow.)

Originally developed in 1892, the reliable salve is a cult-favorite that's helped people solve skin issues ranging from dry eyelids to diaper rash. Beyond soothing calm and irritated skin, it's also a great hack for makeup wearers: It hydrates lips underneath matte lipsticks and smooths out unruly under-eye concealers for a more natural look. Plus, it can even be used to tame flyaways. 

The rose-scented balm also comes in a convenient aluminum tin that easily slips into your back pocket for applications on the go—though it's also available in an equally affordable tube for anyone that likes to keep their hands clean—and is a top pick for travelers thanks to its portable size. (Related: Jennifer Aniston Is Devoted to This $10 Lip Balm)

While there are plenty of ways to live like Keys, like drinking her favorite tea (Earl Grey) or purchasing her go-to sunscreen, this affordable salve is one that won't let you down. As one five-star reviewer put it: "Why did I purchase this? Because every major movie star, singer and performer uses it? Probably. Do I think it lives up to the hype? Yes. It works, it smells wonderful, and it makes me feel wonderful, too." 

Rosebud Salve Tin, .8 Ounce Lip Balm
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