She's not the only celeb who is thoroughly obsessed with this multi-use skin-care product.

By Renee Cherry
July 08, 2019
Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Alison Brie already has us considering a bulk Lucas Papaw ointment purchase, and now she has us wanting in on another one of her multitasking skin-care favorites: Caudalie Beauty Elixir (Buy It, $49,

When we recently asked Alison for the details on her skin-care routine, the face mist was the first product she mentioned. "Caudalie Beauty Elixir is one of my favorite products that I use on my face every day," she said. "I use it right after I wash my face, and then I use it to set my makeup, and then I also use it throughout the day just as a refresh." The travel size version is great to bring on planes to prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated, she added. (Related: The Essential Oil Lea Michele Uses to Make Flights More Pleasant)

What makes the stuff so great? It combines quite a few botanical extracts and essential oils that are thought to calm skin and boost radiance. Peppermint oil and grape extract fight inflammation, and rosemary oil has been shown to improve skin hydration and elasticity. Caudalie Beauty Elixir also boasts Sephora's clean beauty seal and is vegan and cruelty-free. (Related: How Alison Brie Created Her Own Workout Plan While Filming In the Middle of Nowhere)

Alison isn't the only celebrity who's been spritzing Caudalie Beauty Elixir liberally. Blake Lively counts it as a skin-care favorite and Margot Robbie told InStyle that she likes to "mist it on like crazy." Liv Tyler told Into the Gloss that it's her "favorite thing in the universe." The beauty elixir's even (sort of) royalty-approved; According to Caudalie, the formula was inspired by the ingredients of an "elixir of youth" that Queen Isabelle of Hungary used to get glowing skin.

Unsurprisingly, the eau de beauté gets rave reviews online. "This is such a godsend for hot summer days or when you're stuck in the subway or inside with too much heat," reads one Caudalie Beauty Elixir review on Sephora. "This not only cools the skin but tones, firming up and giving a rosy glow to the skin. I am always so refreshed whenever I spray this on." (Related: Hydrating Facial Mists You'll Actually Want to Use)

"Caudalie Beauty Elixir is definitely a popular product for good reason—it works!" another person wrote. "I use it between steps in my skin-care routine (after toner and before essence) and it helps restore moisture and balance to my skin before layering on serums and moisturizers. The fresh scent and light texture make it enjoyable to use as well."

If you've already mentally found space in your medicine cabinet, you can choose from the O.G., a mini 1 oz. version, or a pink limited edition bottle for your introduction.


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