This Limited-Edition Hair Repair Kit Is Bringing My 4C Curls Back to Life

After months of dealing with dry, damaged tresses, Amika's new Most Improved Hair Repair Set has left my curls feeling softer and more hydrated than ever.

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Spring is finally here, and even though the weather is slowly starting to warm up, my 4C curls are still in winter mode: dryer and less hydrated than usual. It probably doesn't help that I've also strayed from my usual hair-care regimen and dabbled with straightened styles (read: heat damage). But now, I'm on a quest to bring my curls back to life — and Amika's Most Improved Hair Repair Set (Buy It, $28, is helping me get there.

You might be familiar with Amika's electric-blue packaging and the brand's Repair Collection. Also called the Kure Collection, the line recently got a major upgrade, reintroducing its popular Kure Bond Shampoo (Buy It, $18, and Conditioner (Buy It, $22, duo, and launching the new limited-edition Most Improved Hair Repair Set, which features The Kure Multi-Task Repair Treatment — a fast-acting rinse-out hair mask that doubles as a leave-in treatment — and The Closer Instant Split-End Hair Repair Cream (Buy It, $25,, another 2-in-1 product that acts as a lightweight styling cream and nourishing leave-in treatment. (If multi-tasking beauty products are your jam, you'll love Chrissy Teigen's go-to scalp and body scrub.)

The revamped Repair Collection uses the brand's Bond Cure Technology, a blend of ingredients that are meant to target hydrogen bonds, which are responsible for the shape of your stands and are most prone to breakage, says Heather Coughlin, vice president of product development at Amika. "The Bond Cure Technology is a microemulsion, meaning it aims to penetrate the cuticle and reach the cortex to help support and reinforce broken or weakened bonds, helping to preserve the protein structure of hair," she explains. "It targets all types of damage — from chemical to mechanical, to natural breakage and environmental stressors, leaving hair stronger after use."

All four products in the new line feature plant butters — from mango butter extract (rich vitamins A, C, and E) to shea butter (a solid hydrator for dry or damaged hair) — and vegan proteins, including quinoa, which is made of essential amino acids that can provide keratin-like benefits (think: smoother, shinier, stronger, less frizzy hair). The collection also uses sea buckthorn berry (Amika's signature ingredient), an oil that's rich in vitamins C and A, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids. (

Altogether, this nourishing blend of ingredients is meant to leave hair stronger and less prone to breakage, whether you're dealing with damage from hair dye, heat, or even a combo of the two, explains Coughlin.

For me, my heat-damaged natural hair felt easier to work with after just one wash with Amika's Kure Collection, including the limited-edition Most Improved Hair Repair Set. I immediately felt the products slip through my 4C curls, making it less of a battle to section apart and detangle my strands. After starting with the Kure Bond Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse and condition, I moved on to the Kure Multi-Task Repair Treatment — which seemed to instantly revive my curls, even after weeks of being in a straightened style. Last up was the Closer Instant Split-End Hair Repair Cream, which proved itself instantly. The creamy styler not only helps define your curls but can also repair and protect them at the same time. "The formula is able to form a protective barrier around the hair shaft, which seals split ends and holds them closed while the product is still in the hair," explains Coughlin. "The visual before-and-after gives the look of freshly-trimmed hair." (

Since using the entire Repair Collection and Most Improved Hair Repair Set, I've noticed a drastic change in my hair. Prior to using the products, my hair was dry and pretty difficult to detangle. I've washed my hair about three times so far, using the Kure Bond Shampoo and Conditioner, Multi-Task Repair Treatment, and The Closer Hair Repair Cream each time. My hair has remained soft and tangle-free since my first wash, plus I've noticed that my curl pattern has tightened and each strand looks refreshed and rejuvenated. Heat damage, who?

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