This Dry Shampoo Makes Shoppers' Hair Look Even Better Than When It's Freshly Washed

It has a refreshing scent, doesn’t leave behind a chalky residue, and it makes a big difference, whether your hair is freshly washed or not.

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There are few beauty products that can truly be hailed as a "secret weapon." Sure, that go-to concealer may be the thing that makes you look awake on your most sleep-deprived days and the right shade of blush can change the appearance of your entire face — but few products are powerful enough to save the day. The exception, of course, is a good dry shampoo.

Didn't have ample time to freshen up post-workout? Dry shampoo can help. Tried to stretch out your hair-wash days a little too much? Dry shampoo is the fix. Is your mane looking a little limp and sad? Dry shampoo to the rescue again. The hair product comes in handy in a number of scenarios, but not all dry shampoos are made equally. And, according to more than 4,800 Amazon shoppers, Amika's Perk Up Dry Shampoo may just be the best. (

This dry shampoo is free of talc, an ingredient that, in recent decades, has been linked to cancer. Some studies suggest that it increases risk of ovarian cancer, while others do not. Still, according to the FDA, there is potential for talc to be cross-contaminated with asbestos, a known carcinogen, which is why some may prefer to avoid the ingredient altogether. Instead, this dry shampoo uses rice starch as an oil-absorbing ingredient, and contains sea buckthorn extract, which has a high concentration of fatty acids that can help smooth and support damaged hair.


Buy It: Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, $25,

At $25, the dry shampoo spray might be pricier than your usual drugstore fare, but if you have naturally thin or oily hair, the cost may be well worth it. After all, some shoppers say that it makes their hair look even better than it does when it's freshly washed.

"It's better than any dry shampoo I've ever tried! And I have attempted to use some of the most expensive ones out there," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "I think it's great for in-between shampoos, hair that shouldn't be washed that often due to stripping of natural oils, and for me specifically. I have been sick and have been having a tough time taking a shower and it has been a lifesaver. I also believe this dry shampoo gives volume and makes hair look healthy and, above all, clean!"

Others add that the dry shampoo feels lightweight and doesn't leave a chalky residue, even on dark hair. One user said that the product helps them go a full week in-between hair wash days, without any flaking or greasiness.

The volumizing power of the Amika dry shampoo also makes it stand apart from the competition. "Smells amazeballs! I always get compliments daily," said another shopper. "I get awesome volume and it does a fantastic job at 'drying.' I've been using this almost every day for about five years and I cannot live without it."

If you've yet to find your hair styling holy grail, then Amika's Perk Up Dry Shampoo is well worth a try — it might even become your new favorite secret weapon.

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