Ashley Graham Shared Her $6 Hack for Great Eyebrows

Graham revealed her trick for making her brows stay in place in an IG video, using a product you probably already have in your bathroom.

Ashley Graham holding her belly while pregnant
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Ashley Graham's makeup looks range from barely there to full glam, and no matter where on the spectrum her style of the day falls, it's always flawless — and stays that way. Specifically, her eyebrows never shift and always look freshly touched up. How do you achieve that?! Sure, she's a model by trade, but she also has three kids. There has to be a beauty hack at play if her eyebrows stay so perfectly intact through the entire day.

Well, if you want to know her brow secrets, you need not look any further than her Instagram. In a tutorial for a natural makeup look, Graham dropped a few beauty hacks that her makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes taught her — including a brow trick (basically a DIY Göt2b brow gel) to add to your repertoire if you've ever wished that brow gels gave you more hold.

Instead of using a typical brow gel, Graham simply brushed regular hair gel through her brows using a spoolie brush. Specifically, she used Göt2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel (Buy It, $6, "It keeps my brows up high and lifted," Graham said of her makeshift Göt2b brow gel. The stuff is actually meant to secure "vertical styles," so you know it'll keep brow hairs locked in place. Not to mention it's cheaper than most tubes of brow gel and comes with some 50x the amount of product.

In the tutorial, the hair gel was the only product that Graham used on her brows because A) she was going for a natural look and B) she had recently dyed her brow hairs. And while she did pull out an eyebrow pencil later on in the video, it was only to hit everyone with another genius off-label use. The model used a brow pencil from Revlon (she's an ambassador for the brand) as a lip liner.

After applying some Aquaphor Healing Skin Ointment (Buy It, $6,, she lined her lips with Revlon ColorStay Brow Pencil in Soft Brown (Buy It, $11, to add depth before applying nude lipstick. "This is why people think that you get lip injections: because you can just make them look bigger in one makeup sesh," she said in the video.

Graham's end result was a gorgeous bronzy look, and you'd never guess she'd done anything unusual (you know, such as use hair gel on her eyebrows or line her lips with a brow pencil). Here's all the proof you need that you can do a lot with a minimalistic makeup bag — just repurpose the products you already have and love.

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