Ashley Tisdale Calls This Product 'Life-Changing' for Thinning Hair

In a recent blog post, the actress reveals what she's found to be some of the best products for thinning hair.

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At this point, so many products for thinning hair exist that trying to choose just one can feel like a daunting task. Throughout her personal search to achieve, in her words, "healthy, luscious hair," Ashley Tisdale tested out multiple options — and now she's sharing the details of the three products that impressed her the most.

In the latest post on her lifestyle website, Freshne, Tisdale gives readers a rundown of three supplements that she's used in hopes of combatting hair thinning. (If your #ad meter is going off, know that Tisdale stresses within the post that it wasn't sponsored by any of the brands behind the products.) She starts out by revealing that she's tried plenty of products — "you wouldn't believe how many" — in an effort to treat thinning locks and achieve healthy hair. (

One of the standouts from her trials was Nutrafol, which she "loved" but didn't see a "major difference" from after trying it "for months." If this is the first you're hearing of it, Nutrafol for Women (Buy It, $88, is a supplement that promises to promote hair growth and improve hair quality, particularly in those with thinning locks. (FYI, Naomi Watts and Hilary Duff have also given it a go.) Each swallowable capsule contains a blend of ingredients, including (but not limited to) ashwagandha — an adaptogenic herb that can decrease the stress hormone cortisol — saw palmetto — another herb that can reduce an enzyme that converts the hormone testosterone to DHT — curcumin — which acts as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation — among others. High levels of cortisol, DHT, and inflammation can all contribute to hair loss due to their effects on the hair growth cycle. (See more: What Is Nutrafol for Women?)

Next up on Tisdale's list of strand-centric products? "Gummy Bear Hair." It's likely that Tisdale is actually referring to Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins (Buy It, $30,, especially since she notes that the supplement has a lot of celebrity spokespeople, and Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, and Emily Ratajkowski have all partnered with the brand in the past. When Tisdale experimented with Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins as a hair thinning treatment — assuming they're what she tried — she noticed that the supplements "did help growth," but that they were "so yummy" she wanted to eat more than the recommended two a day, she explains in the post. That's unsurprising given that they're made to look and taste like, as you probably guessed, gummy bear candy and list organic tapioca syrup and raw cane sugar as ingredients. That said, the supplements also contain biotin, which research suggests can improve hair growth in people who are deficient in the vitamin, and zinc, which can aid the cell reproduction, tissue repair, and protein synthesis necessary for proper hair growth. (

Last but not least, Tisdale reveals that she turned to Wellbel Glamlab supplements (Buy It, $57, when searching for a solution to postpartum hair loss, which typically involves excess hair shedding due to the drop in estrogen post-delivery. (ICYMI, Tisdale gave birth to her first child in March 2021.)

"The Glamlab supplement has been life-changing," she writes. "My hair is getting so long. After a couple of months of being on it, I have stopped losing hair, and it feels healthy and strong." In addition to biotin and saw palmetto, each capsule contains vitamins A and D, both of which can play a role in promoting overall hair health. The supplement also has horsetail, which is a plant rich in silicon, a mineral that's believed to support hair growth and thickness thanks to its ability to promote collagen synthesis.(

To wrap things up, Tisdale clarifies that she doesn't believe in a miraculous vitamin for hair loss and that other factors also probably played a role in improving her hair. Specifically, she writes that she's stopped bleaching her hair, cut down on heat usage, and uses a deep conditioner once a week. "I hope this helps, as after months and years of trying different hair vitamins, finding one that works was a life changer [sic]," she writes. Before you follow in the actress' footsteps, however, remember that supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it's best to consult your doctor before trying any yourself — even if they get a star's seal of approval.

Tisdale seems to have endured a lot of trial and error while trying to stop her hair from thinning and promote healthy locks. Lucky for anyone who's beginning their search solutions, she didn't hold back on sharing her findings.

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