This Pretty Pink Razor Has Elevated My Shaving Experience

It livens up my shower and makes hair removal feel less like a chore. Oh, and no more razor burn!

Athena Club Razors
Photo: Athena

The idea of belonging to a club sounds fun...but also exclusive and pricey — or like you may need to jump through a few hoops before you're allowed in. And when you think of it that way, suddenly you don't want to be in some snotty club, anyway! But, hold on: Athena Club is nothing like that. They let anyone in, and trust, you want this membership.

Athena Club offers subscription delivery services for essential bathroom and beauty items. I first jumped on the bandwagon when I spotted their stylish razors (Buy It, $9, In colors such as sky blue, rose, and coral, and with a smooth ergonomic razor handle, it makes any bathroom feel instantly on-trend. And with the color-coordinated magnetic hook, the beauty of the design can be fully on display. Plus, the hook makes the razor easy to grab when ready to use, and you'll avoid the blade rusting or sticking to the shower shelf.

While the razor might be an instant-sell on aesthetics alone, there's functionality behind those good looks. The five-blade cartridges are surrounded by skin guards enhanced with shea butter and an exclusive skin-soothing, water-activated serum. The brand says this makes shave cream optional, and I can attest to the truth behind that statement. In a warm shower, running a new Athena Club blade across your shin is actually quite a lovely, nick-free experience. Still, while I didn't need shave cream to do the job, the Cloud Shave Foam (Buy It, $9, is too fluffy to let sit idly in the shower niche.

Athena Club Razors

I personally swapped a men's razor I had been using for years (women's razors have come a long way since I adopted that habit) for this Athena Club version and I couldn't be happier — no razor burn, a smoother, closer shave, and affordable replacement blades that come to my door without me needing to even think about restocking. The razor kit comes with two cartridges initially, and you can choose the quantity and frequency of replacements that work best for your shaving schedule.

Athena Club has more than just shaving needs: From Dewy Body Lotion (Buy It, $14, and Soft Face Wipes (Buy It, $10, to daily multivitamins (Buy It, $28, and TLC Wipes (Buy It, $9 for 12, for your lady parts, the club has anything you might want for your body, wellness, and period care needs — there are even Athena Club pads (Buy It, $8 for 12,, tampons (Buy It, $8 for 18,, and a menstrual cup (Buy It, $25, (

Plus, right now you can get 30 percent off site-wide with the code GIVING30. Hurry though: The offer is only good through November 30.

If you still need some convincing to give it a try, now through December 1, Athena Club is donating 20 percent of all proceeds to PERIOD, a global non-profit founded by Nadya Okamoto that works to combat period poverty and stigma. "Athena Club and PERIOD have partnered to help shine a light on menstrual care and health and remove this one piece of anxiety off women's plate," says Maria Markina, co-founder of Athena Club."After all, a big part of self-care is understanding your body and not being intimidated or nervous when it comes to your health."

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