Augustinus Bader Just Launched "The" Face Oil of Your Dreams

The Face Oil is the latest addition to the luxury beauty brand's selection.

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Augustinus Bader the Face Oil
Photo: Augustinus Bader

It's not every day that Augustinus Bader introduces a new product. Since launching in 2018 with The Cream (Buy It, $265, and The Rich Cream (Buy It, $265,, the luxury skin care brand has rolled out only a handful of products, making today, August, 19, 2020 that much more monumental. Umm, why? Because today Augustinus Bader officially added a promising new addition to its lineup: Augustinus Bader The Face Oil (Buy It, $230,

Although the brand has been around for only two years, Augustinus Bader has made quite the name for itself in the skin-care sphere due largely in part to The Cream, which has attracted glowing reviews from celebrities, beauty editors, and skin-care buffs alike. Hailey Bieber has reportedly powered through multiple bottles; Kate Bosworth said her skin "craves" it; Kris Jenner referred to it as "crack." You get the gist. (

Part of The Cream's magic lies in the brand's proprietary Trigger Factor Complex (TCF8), which is also part of The Cream Cleansing Gel (Buy It, $65, and the new face oil's formula. A 40-ingredient complex boasting amino acids, vitamins, proteins, and lipids, TCF8 is the result of co-founder and professor Augustinus Bader's 30 years of research on how stem cells can trigger skin's natural repair process. Alongside TCF8, The Face Oil contains several cold-pressed oils and other botanicals, such as grapeseed oil, which doesn't tend to clog pores or cause irritation. Also on the list: babassu oil, which is high in anti-inflammatory lauric acid (as is coconut oil, btw), and licorice root extract, which can help reduce hyperpigmentation.

Augustinus Bader prides itself on creating skin-care products that are highly universal, so you might not expect the company to roll out a face oil. (Face oils are notorious pore-cloggers so a lot of people avoid them.) However, The Face Oil was created to be lightweight. "It hydrates skin and helps it to retain moisture throughout the day without leaving a greasy residue," says Bader."This oil will not clog pores."

Wondering if you should invest in The Face Oil? "The Face Oil is formulated for all skin types," says Bader. "The skin-protective benefits of The Face Oil, The Cream, and The Rich Cream are closely related—the choice of the formula is a matter of personal preference and skin type. For those with dryer skin types, The Face Oil can be mixed with The Cream or The Rich Cream for added hydration." TL;DR—You can't go wrong.

Augustinus Bader the Face Oil
Augustinus Bader
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